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Robin59 Saturday 5th March 2011 18:12

birds with disease?
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I've got a feeder in my garden. Three different places and I brush away the rest of tf the food and excrement daily. The food is placed in a way that the bird's excrement don't come in contact with it. But I've two birds on my feeding place which look really ill, I think. They come every day to the feeder. I've attached pics ot the birds.
Do you think this is a kind of disease which is dangerous to the other birds or only two ill birds ?

thanks for you help

Joe1980 Saturday 5th March 2011 18:24

The second photo is great! Nice shot, and the bird looks fine. The first one, I don't know. It looks like maybe you snapped the photo while it was blinking, because its eye appears to be shut. If they are ill, I would be about 99.9% sure it has nothing to do with your feeders being contaminated. I would not worry about other birds either, because there isn't much you can do if they are sick.

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