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NicoleB Saturday 10th July 2010 13:01

Kuwait.... counting the days...
Hey there,

anyone out there in beautiful Kuwait?

If no major forces work against me, I'll be heading there next Sunday.

Last time I didn't watch birds, or was too timid to approach people.
Well, now I know the perimeter a bit and things are different.

So, if you are over there and care to share or are tired to hop around alone, drop me a note.

Cheers (uhm, well, not really in Kuwait....*needs to think of something else,....*)


NicoleB Thursday 22nd July 2010 03:29

OK, I'm here.
Got my first Lifer already :)

White-eared Bulbul residing in our area.

Have also seen Stilts and Plovers, but have yet to get a closer look.

Too bad I seem to be the only one around in Kuwait at BF :(

Tim42 Thursday 22nd July 2010 04:30

Hi NicoleB, du bist auf Deutchland? I'm Tim and I am retired Army. I served in Iraq for two deployments and on my second one I saw over 80 species of bird on my COB near Tikrit! I saw a few on my first deployment but lost my binos upon arrival to Kuwait, soooo frustrating! Here's wishing you a safe deployment and many days of great birding if you are able to! My first bird in Kuwait was a Hoopoe Lark in flight, I was so excited to see a new bird so early! I'll have to show you my list one of these days if you want to see it. Take care!:flyaway:

NicoleB Thursday 22nd July 2010 05:50

Hi Tim.
Yes, I'm from Germany.
I'm not deployed here though (thank goodness). Hubby's a contractor.

We've been here before '07/08, but I wasn't into birding then.
A Hoopoe Lark? Awww,.... hope I get to see one of those too :D
Yes, would love to see your bird list from here.

And thanks for your reply. Makes me feel a tad less lonely *grin*

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