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PatMen Saturday 23rd May 2020 13:50

Bird with mysterious voice / Budapest, Hungary, May 2020
Hi all!

Could you please help me to identify this bird? Near the place I live (Budapest suburbs, a forest starts just next to my house) I noticed a very strange bird voice. I first heard it about 2 years ago. I never managed to see the bird, unfortunately. But I recorded the sound when the bird was not so far from me. (Usually I hear the sound from a distance, maybe the bird doesn't like to go close.)
I am sure it is not a caged bird because I already heard this sound from every direction.

This sound is similar to a baby crying - maybe this bird learnt it after hearing it from a baby??
Here is the recording:


davercox Sunday 24th May 2020 09:59

Strange indeed. Could be a Crow ?

PYRTLE Sunday 24th May 2020 10:01

Sounds like other " exptic" birds in the background, very crow like.

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