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Mike Montier Monday 1st January 2018 00:17

Mallorca 2018
Happy New Year to all contributors and readers of this thread.
Let’s hope for a bumper year with many more great birds and a few surprises.
Above all, good health to you all and I hope to meet up with many of you in the forthcoming year.

eagle33 Monday 1st January 2018 17:36

Happy New Year Mike.


Originally Posted by Mike Montier (Post 3660306)
Happy New Year to all contributors and readers of this thread.
Let’s hope for a bumper year with many more great birds and a few surprises.
Above all, good health to you all and I hope to meet up with many of you in the forthcoming year.

Mcnswiss2 Monday 1st January 2018 19:27

Happy New Year to Mike and all the contributors and readers. Big Year has started!
Will be there soon


Michael Schade Monday 1st January 2018 19:52

Happy New Year to everyone!

I had a great first birding day - rest of my stay was work so far. Now four days off for bird watching.

My first bird in 2018: A Stone Curlew one minute after midnight in Cala Mondragó!

Mike M: are you around? If so: let’s have a little walk in Cala Mondragó...

Cheers, Micha

Michael Schade Monday 1st January 2018 19:58

Today’s highlight was a Raven mobbing a Merlin right above our house in Cala Mondragó. I was surprised to see a Merlin this time of the year. Also nice: A huge flock of Starlings and a couple of Sandwich Terns as well as Turnstones at El Coto Beach (Colonia). Waiting for the first Scops Owl of the year now...

Mike Montier Monday 1st January 2018 20:03

Hi to both Michaels.
Look forward to going out together when you arrive Mike. Happy New Year to you and Susan.
Michael. Yes, I went to Mondrago today so started my year list well.
We have guests at the moment but I’m free after Saturday if you are still here.
So much looking forward to getting a good total for January like I did last year. It gives great impetus for the year ahead.

Mike Montier Monday 1st January 2018 20:09

Michael Schade. I sometimes see Merlín around Mondrago in winter and especially around the lighthouse. Last year there was a male which was such a fantastic bird to see. I assume your bird was a female.
I have been hearing two Scops owls calling from Mondrago recently. They should call every night when it’s calm.

Patrick_m Tuesday 2nd January 2018 07:51

Happy New Year and great birding to all.
Thank you Mike for keeping the forum going yet again. I hope we can catch up soon, I need to make an effort to get out of the house more often despite the attraction of waiting for birds around my drinking pool and feeder. It has certainly been rewarding so far (Fieldfare, Hawfinch and Dunnock beeing the highlights) but I think I may have reached the limits of what will show up, at least until migration kicks in.
Anyway, happy birding to all, may this year be a great one.

Mike Montier Tuesday 2nd January 2018 09:29

Results of the Bigyear 2017 are in and are as follows:
1st. Mika. 214
2nd Toni. 211
3rd Pedro. 210
4th Nacho 203
5th Mike.M 202
Great to see a female winner, well done Mika and thoroughly deserved.
Thanks go to Carles and Pep for invigilating.
It’s been a great year with lots of friendly competition and fun to be part of.
Full results can be viewed at:
I have never been higher than fifth but at least I have now joined the 200 club. That’s without even seeing a Dunnock.
It’s hard work winning with lots of traveling and walking up mountains. Worth every step of the way though, the views from the mountain tops are simply breathtaking. Days at the Albercutx tower are my favourite. Watching migrating Honey Buzzards, sometimes at eye level, is one of those birding moments that you don’t forget, plus you never know what else is going to come through. This is the magnetism that draws me and others back. Driving a long way to see one rare species is no longer so appealing, you know what you are going to see. Here in Mallorca, it’s the not knowing that makes it so exciting.
I very much hope to see some of you here this year.
All the best, Mike

Derek Polley Tuesday 2nd January 2018 20:53

Happy new year and good birding. I managed a patch first stonechat yesterday and a garden sparrowhawk today. Working on the social secretary/treasurer re a "holiday" in May.

Merlin Tuesday 2nd January 2018 21:03

Happy New Year Mike.

Thanks for all your help and advice.

best regards


Mike Montier Wednesday 3rd January 2018 09:43

A Slender-billed gull was seen and photographed by Juanjo yesterday flying past the necropolis at Son Real. Winter records of this scarce gull are infrequent.
Also, some Spoonbills are still at the salt pans, Ses Salines, best seen from “Eddie’s Track”. Mike

Ben Nevis Wednesday 3rd January 2018 20:01

Happy New Year Mike and all lovers of the Isle of Mallorca B (:

Mike Montier Thursday 4th January 2018 09:37

Many thanks all for your good wishes.
A nice walk round Mondrago this morning with Michael Schade was delightful, good to catch up with you Michael
Two Little Grebe, Common and Green sandpipers, Crossbill, Hoopoe, Cetti’s Warbler and a possible Brambling in flight with Chaffinches.
Lots of people swimming in the sea, rather them than me. Mike

Mike Montier Saturday 6th January 2018 17:15

Quite a few birders were out along the south coast today. It was quite windy so we were expecting something good but very little out of the ordinary to report.
About 45 Balearic Shearwaters, one Gannet, several Turnstones and a few Sandwich terns. Mike

Mike Montier Saturday 6th January 2018 17:18

Mortitx is apparently very good at the moment with several Brambling showing from the vineyards. There are still good numbers of Fieldfare, plenty of Hawfinch and there are high numbers of Dunnock although I wouldn’t know about that.
Mortitx is also the best place to see Bonelli’s eagles. Mike

chris chapleo Sunday 7th January 2018 11:51

Great to see the 2018 incarnation of this thread Mike...Im not back in Mallorca until May but as ever cant wait for our visits, and do watch the thread as it helps build a great picture of whats around - thanks! Chris (PS -Very cold north winds in UK today, even in 'sunny' Bournemouth, but did see 2 Hawfinch this morning - part of big winter invasion at moment)

Mike Montier Sunday 7th January 2018 20:32

Thanks Chris. Hawfich have been plentiful this winter as have Fieldfare and Brambling. I think I only ever saw Hawfinch three or four times in the UK so it's good that you have enjoyed good numbers too.
Not much news today, it has been pouring with rain all day. I believe one local saw a Great Skua from Porto Colom early this morning and Pep has found another Jack snipe near the airport.
Porto Colom is a really good place for birding and is seriously underwatched. It's a great site for seawatching and for Dartford warblers and Balearic warblers too. Mike

kevinh Tuesday 9th January 2018 20:02

Slender billed gull feeding on the tide line in the bay of Pollensa today. Several Sandwich terms also there.

Mike Montier Tuesday 9th January 2018 20:51

Hi Kevin, that’s a great record, well done. One was seen recently at Son Real so surely the same bird. Hope it lingers, they were very scarce last year.
See you Saturday! Mike

Mcnswiss2 Tuesday 9th January 2018 21:09

Hi Mike
Back again and soooopleased to be here
Short trip to Maristany and La Victoria
200 Crag Martins, 40 goldfinches, Pochards, Shoverlers, Little Grebe, Chiffchaffs, Coots, Crossbills, Firecrests, Great tits, Yellow legged and black headed Gulls, Green Sandpiper.
No Dunnocks yet!
See you on Saturday

Mcnswiss2 Wednesday 10th January 2018 15:34

Afternoon visit to S’Albuferata.

Birds seen included: Wigeon, Shovellers, Gadwall, Shellduck, Great and Little Egret, Black Winged Stilts, Greenshank, Kentish Plovers, Snipe, Marsh Harriers, Kestrels, Corn Bunting, Fantailed Warblers, Goldfinches, Crag Martins.

Also seen were 50 the pink. Very good condition..lets hope they bred here!

Mike Montier Wednesday 10th January 2018 17:41

A brief visit to the salt pans at Salobrar de Campos this morning.
A bit quiet but I didn’t have time to wade down Eddie’s track which is by far the best place to be.
Some wintering Avocets were nice as there were none at this site last winter, a few Flamingoes, lots of Lapwing and Marsh Harrier seemed to be everywhere I looked including a male and female getting rather frisky, always a delight to watch as they “food pass”. Mike

Mike Montier Thursday 11th January 2018 17:50

A windy walk around my local patch of Mondrago was delightful with fields full of Song Thrush, Chaffinch, Serin and Linnets.
Crossbills were showing well with a few brick-red males in song in the company of two or three females. They are early breeders I believe. Crossbills are very common here but I often only see them “chipping” around the tree tops so it was a real treat to get prolonged views close up.
A couple of Wrynecks were also present but not singing yet. They will soon be very vocal.
The fields are covered in a variety of yellow flowers making quite a picture in the late afternoon sun.

Mcnswiss2 Thursday 11th January 2018 20:26


Originally Posted by kevinh (Post 3663853)
Slender billed gull feeding on the tide line in the bay of Pollensa today. Several Sandwich terms also there.

No sign of the Slender Billed Gull today..5 Sandwich terns present. No sign of Audouins Gulls..Sigh

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