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AndersN Friday 28th September 2012 19:48

Arches Lavis Fidelis
I'm looking for the Arches Lavis Fidelis in 280 gms sheets. But I can only find it in rolls or the 220 gms in sheets. Does anyone know where I can find it?

Best regards

TorbenBack Tuesday 2nd October 2012 20:58

Hallo Anders,

The Arches Fidelis 280g in sheets should be available from the link below - as the text says:

“…….Available in 220g/m2 and 280g/m2 weights. Minimum order quantity 10 sheets. Price per sheet……”


AndersN Wednesday 3rd October 2012 16:56

Thank you Torben!

I have already checked with them but they only have the 200gms in sheets.


TorbenBack Wednesday 3rd October 2012 18:15

Sorry to hear that, but I did fear it might have been a misprint in their add (which it obviously was), so they ought to have it corrected. Hope you manage to find 280g it in sheets.

Last year I order some from here, but of course it is just the 220g. Anyway, excellent service, excellent wrapping and within a few days it was on my doorstep.

Best of luck,

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