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Ian Hardy Monday 18th January 2016 20:29

7D MK11 Power Supply
Has anyone used AA Batteries with the above camera, if so can you let me know how long they lasted. I put six new batteries in my camera yesterday and after about an hour they had expired.



Chris B. Tuesday 19th January 2016 15:33

I would suggest using AA batteries as a last resort...

The 7DII is a power hog; perhaps the most power-demanding Canon camera I've ever owned, and I've had quite a few over the years. I use the 7DII with the Canon battery grip, and carry 2 full sets of spare batteries with me when I go out and shoot. That said, I've had better performance with non-Canon branded batteries than the OEM ones, but typically get less than 1000 shots on a set of 2.

Dave Williams Tuesday 19th January 2016 16:34

What I think is daft is that you only get one charger, if like the 1D series you got a double charger ( it still only comes with one battery though) you could at least charge up both at the same time. 1000 shots should more than suffice for a day of very heavy shooting.

Ian Hardy Wednesday 20th January 2016 19:33

Thanks Chris and Dave.

I am going to order two pairs of replacement batteries.


achilles500 Sunday 24th January 2016 21:39

Can you recommend a good 3rd party battery as the one I bought for my 7D mark 1 has packed in.

Joe52 Monday 25th January 2016 11:38


Originally Posted by achilles500 (Post 3345668)
Can you recommend a good 3rd party battery as the one I bought for my 7D mark 1 has packed in.

andrew_s Monday 25th January 2016 19:31

Alkaline AAs (like Duracells) are particularly poor in digital cameras.
NiMh rechargeable AAs are better, as are lithium disposables, but the lithiums are expensive (like 1.75 each), and the NiMh rechargeables are heavy compared with the proper battery, require another charger, and still won't last nearly as long. I'd expect more than an hour though.
(based on an A590 point&shoot)

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