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m.skalla Wednesday 15th May 2019 15:38

? Thrush, Northern NJ 5-15-19
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? Veery but looks too Gray,

andyadcock Wednesday 15th May 2019 17:07

Agree wth Veery.

The Bird Nuts Wednesday 15th May 2019 21:58

This is a Swainson's Thrush with the buffy spectacles and grayer brown back.

arcadillor Thursday 16th May 2019 03:12

Swainson's thrush

andyadcock Thursday 16th May 2019 06:39

looks too small?

howiewu Thursday 16th May 2019 12:34


Originally Posted by andyadcock (Post 3849727)
looks too small?

How do you judge?

birdmeister Thursday 16th May 2019 20:02

Veery and Swainson's Thrush are both similar in size. Veery would show very little to no eye-ring and a warmer reddish-brown back/wings.

I was fortunate to view both species side-by-side this morning!

I also agree that size is hard to judge in this photo.

tom baxter Thursday 16th May 2019 20:53

Swainson’s thrush

Brian J Small Thursday 16th May 2019 21:40

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Originally Posted by birdmeister (Post 3849959)
I also agree that size is hard to judge in this photo.

As is colour...


Birdbrain22 Thursday 16th May 2019 21:41

100% Swainson's.

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