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Steve Babbs Thursday 16th May 2019 18:53

Ethiopian cisticola
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Dear all

I photographed this cisticola in the Bale Mountains last month. I presumed it was Ethiopian cisticola however the head is much more streaked than the paintings in Redman et al. but it doesn't seem to match anything else either and everything else seems to fit Ethiopian.

Any advice welcome.

andyadcock Thursday 16th May 2019 20:19

This looks like your bird but with so many very similar species, I certainly wouldn't be able to ID this without a recording.

arcadillor Friday 17th May 2019 01:36

pectoral patch cisticola

Steve Babbs Friday 17th May 2019 06:47

I agree the plumage looks right for pectoral patch cisticiola, but the field guide describes its tail as being "very short".

Valéry Schollaert Friday 17th May 2019 10:47

Looks like regular Ethiopian Cisticola to me, shape and mantle colour all wrong for Pectoral-patch.

andyadcock Friday 17th May 2019 13:39

Why isn't it the very similar Winding?

Steve Babbs Friday 17th May 2019 15:25

Isn't the situation that Ethiopian was considered conspecific with winding and, now it has been split, the birds in the Bale Mountains are Ethiopian and winding is limited to small, lowland areas of the border of Ethiopia?

arcadillor Saturday 18th May 2019 01:10

I was mistaken
the bird should be Ethiopian cisticola

Valéry Schollaert Saturday 18th May 2019 11:59


Originally Posted by andyadcock (Post 3850202)
Why isn't it the very similar Winding?

As Steve said, it is a former subspecies and they are allopatric. Birds in Bale Mountain are all Ethiopian.

andyadcock Saturday 18th May 2019 12:14

Duly noted.

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