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Skelly Sunday 20th March 2005 13:55

Good Days Birding
Decided to try my luck at Brasside Pond this morning to see if the Ruddy Shelduck that was reported yesterday was still about.
No luck with that bird, but good views of Goldeneye and a couple of noisy Jays.
I then decided to try my luck at a new site for me, Houghton Gate.
This site proved to be my birding saviour as it produced 300+ Golden Plover, Goosander, Widgeon, Curlew, Teal, Snipe, Redshank, Shelduck and Shoveler.
Depending on the weather, I may try my luck searching for Owls tonight. I know that there are Little Owls near me and I'm hoping that there's a lot more.
Fingers crossed.
B (:

Gill Osborne Sunday 20th March 2005 17:25

Nice when a new site turns up some good stuff...can't wait until my car is back on the road as I have SO many places that I NEED to explore!!!
Good luck with finding those Little Owls...that's the species next on my Wants List LOL Sure there are some around here but they are keeping their heads down cos I've YET to find them!


Skelly Sunday 20th March 2005 19:11

Owl downer
No luck with the Owls tonight, weather not so good.
Hopefully it'll be a better night tomorrow.
Fingers crossed.
B (:

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