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rollingthunder Monday 9th September 2019 06:44

UK Badgers
It has just been announced that an estimated 40 thousand Badgers have been ‘culled’ to date and that a (conservative ) 25% ‘died in agony’:C:C:C

A spokesman for Natural England, you know the same people that moved their whistleblower on from Sandringham after Prince Harrier had finished his target practice, said that all involved in the ‘scheme’ take their responsibilities towards animal welfare ‘very seriously’:-O

Just like there is zero and absolute zero there is BOLLOX and absolute BOLLOX:C

English Nature used to be involved in 9% of the culls and are now involved in 0.0000whatever. This is leaving the Fox in charge of the Chickens and allowing free rein on blasting away at, forgive me for uncontrollable laughter, a supposedly protected species.....

What cossetted lobby gets to kill protected species?

Landowners that’s who - whether it is soggy paddocks or Grouse Moors it is 2 sides of the same coin and neither give a damn. Why bother with all the time, effort and agony? Never mind all this accredited crap just inoculate whilst we still have some.

The farming lobby needs to get real. What is the point in stopping Foxhunting and bemoaing the dearth of Harriers etc when this is allowed with any criticism silenced, literally, at the barrel of a gun:C

Natural England formerly English Nature late of The Nature Conservancy Council are NOT the people i worked for. They have NO teeth or Cahones imho. They need to be incorporated as an organisation as a footnote in that best seller Animals Without Backbones! They have become Lickspittles for the bird-slaughterers and anybody with a few bob and a few acres that wants a problem sorted. Their high-profile involvement in poncy schemes is not a trade off for widescale and wholesale destuction of a targeted species like the Badger.

Over to Chris Packham if he has the time:t:

Laurie -

rollingthunder Monday 9th September 2019 07:11

Update ‘immense pain’ and the culling is ‘unsupervised’ and having ‘little or no effect on levels of Bovine TB’:C

Again - what minority lobby gets to do this sort of thing to wild animals. I would speculate that most of those participating are not farming the land at all - this is a disgrace when other options now have to be used that have been available for quite a while.....

Laurie -

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