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GeorgeMac Monday 9th March 2020 13:39

Seed pod of some kind?
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Washed up on Brora beach in the Highlands. Made for a decent photo, but I've no idea what it is, how long it was in the water, or where it came from. Could do with an ID for key wording. It was about the size of my thumb.

WalterRayle Monday 9th March 2020 14:04

Looks like a dead thistle head to me.

infopt2000 Monday 9th March 2020 14:17

Great Burdock, Arctium lappa I should say, well dried out and pickled!

GeorgeMac Monday 9th March 2020 14:22

Ah, it's probably off someone's dried flower display somewhere. That would explain it's pristine condition after spending time in the sea. Thanks very much.

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