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taz_gerstman Saturday 24th February 2018 21:33

Digiscoping Beginner
Good afternoon folks. My name is taz and my wife and I are newbies to digiscoping. My wife got interested in bird watching a few years ago. Even though I am an avid outdoorsman I didnít see the excitement about chasing birds. However since going on several bird watching outings I have grown to enjoy it. I couldnít help but feel bad cause my wife didnít have these big camera lenses to reach out there like these others did so I decided to change that. I heard about digiscoping and decided to research it. To make a long story short I bought the new Swarovski 95 mm objective modular and atx piece and everything needed to adapt her Nikon DSLR D750. Havenít had a chance to go out yet but I think it will be fun. Any starting advice or anything you can give us is greatly appreciated. Thanks or opinions

Wetstuff Wednesday 28th February 2018 15:40

Taz... Your first car is NŁrburgring qualified. Good for you. Actually, I think your first steps would be instructive for the rest of us. You may want to go to Youtube and watch some of the videos - even ones that do not address your specific kit. My wife and I are also starting albeit with small caliber weaponry. Good hunting.


curtA2 Thursday 8th March 2018 11:55

Try your phone first. They keep getting better and better.

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