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JanArras Sunday 26th June 2005 13:18

Birders living in Peru
are there birders from Peru on this forum ? I'll be in Peru in July and would like to know if there are people who live there that can give me advise on where to go. As it will be a family holiday I don't have that much time to do some birdwatching so any advise is welcome. We' ll do the "classic" southern roundtrip, so if you live in Nazca, Paracas, Arequipa, Puno, Cuzco, ... please let me know.


albatross02 Wednesday 29th June 2005 12:44


seems there is nobody from Peru in the forum.
Maybe following could help ?

Best regards

njlarsen Wednesday 29th June 2005 17:53

I understood that Rasmus Boegh is traveling in SA including Peru at the moment. Try send him a PM and if he is able to check his account during the travel, he might give you some advice.


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