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buck mulligan Thursday 23rd July 2020 20:33

Help pls : a week in S France - Septembre or October
Hi everybody

We are going to be able to spend a week in S France this autumn

(if the SARS-CoV2 ...:/)

Our first idea would be to spend a few days in the Camargue (Pont de Gau?) and then the rest of week at a migration site such as Eyne or Organbidexka

My wife has never seen the flamingos and is more interested in photography than birding as such

so the first question is when :September or October ?
and te second : where ?

thanks in advance


albatross02 Friday 24th July 2020 14:02

For photography more interesting is Gorge Verdon.
But maybe combine Camargue, Craux und Verdon.
Waders migration peak I think is end of August to middle of September

buck mulligan Friday 24th July 2020 14:33

Vielen Dank

when I say photography I should have been more specific
Bird photography

and the migration we are most interested in is the rapators

and this would suggest late September early October

so many variables so little time ;)

buck mulligan Friday 24th July 2020 15:07

Well the decision has been made for us as to the period

Week 38 it is

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