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bassel Monday 20th April 2020 05:58

Blyth's reed or Caspian reed warbler , west Kazakhstan 19/04/2020 .
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Dear All

I appreciate your assistance in sorting out the ID of the below warblers . I claimed them as Blyth's reed warblers depending on one strong feature which is the length of PP as it looked to me shorter then what it would be on Caspian reed . Also I see not much contrast between rump and upperparts . However still I have doubt with the overall coloration as it favors Caspian reed , also the leg color and the buff breast and flanks .

So please let me know what you think .

-First three photos of first bird

-Second two photos of another

Tote Monday 20th April 2020 10:24

Paddyfield Warblers, to me.

KenM Monday 20th April 2020 14:56


Originally Posted by Tote (Post 3987763)
Paddyfield Warblers, to me.



bassel Monday 20th April 2020 15:57

Thanks so much Tote and Ken . Actually there was many Paddyfield warblers which I could point on the spot but those two individuals were tricky especially on the supercilium . Other features definitely fit Paddyfield

ammadoux Monday 20th April 2020 16:09

wish i can help brother.

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