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Lagopuss Friday 22nd May 2020 23:54

5/21/20 *US East Coast* Enfield Connecticut
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First Forum Post. Totally new to this place. A touch daughting, because all you guys are on point! Flippin Bird geniuses! Im excited to try to gooble up all your valuable knowledge, Like a baby bird... But I digress,

I found this little guy. Outside my friend’s house. She wanted to “save” it, touch it, bring it in try to feed it. I told her not to do anything the parents are probably just foraging. And it looks like an invasive sparrow to me anyways would be better off murking it, if it is.. as F-ed up as that sounds. But Im not even sure in my identification.

Could you guys lend some insight?
Thank you!

The Bird Nuts Saturday 23rd May 2020 00:22

I think it's too young to identify, but there is some trash in the nest (appears to be pieces of a tarp in there), so you might be right about it being an invasive sparrow (House Sparrow, specifically). If you left it where it was (I hope you did), then you can watch to see what species the parents are. Should probably get a photo to be completely certain.

Lagopuss Saturday 23rd May 2020 02:00

Thank you!
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Yes I convinced her not to do anything! It was the unpopular choice but being a Debbie downer needs to be done sometimes. I asked her to take pics of the parents when they come back.

After I left they did actually show up she told me. She hasnt sent me a photo yet but I have this picture I took today. Not at her house by right near by down the street theres a garage at one of my accounts. Still looks like a juenvenille. It let me get VERY close for about 4 minutes. Literally sat within 2 feet away. Thought they couldnt fly but they eventually did. Possibly not even relevant but its what I got atm sorry <3

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