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faisal.ahmedrony Tuesday 18th December 2018 06:17

Good cameras?
Well here is my story. I've never really been into photography or anything of that nature. But my dad decodes about 2-3 years ago that he doesn't want to pay 800-1000 for a professional photographer to take pictures at my sisters Quincenera. So he goes out and buys a Sony DSLR a100.

I tried to learn what I could and took some pictures but I'd like to learn how to take better pictures with this thing.
I'm thinking of buying another camera and was wondering if this one is good or should I look into another camera. Any info would be great.

etudiant Tuesday 18th December 2018 07:30

The Alpha 100 was the first Sony branded DSLR, introduced in 2006 after Sony took over the Minolta camera business. It is now found used on Ebay for around $100 with a basic lens.
By current standards, it lacks any video capability, has a sensor that needs lots of light, uses a slow processor that writes to an obsolescing card standards (compact flash) and has limited auto focus performance.
However, it also has in body stabilization and works with any lens from the extensive Sony and Minolta lines, so it remains an excellent tool which can still produce brilliant photos.
Any decent photography book will help you get more out of this heirloom.

A few links to reviews from the time it was introduced:

EarlyShade5 Tuesday 29th January 2019 18:32

It all depends on the purpose of the purchase. What photos do you plan to take?

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