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Paul Tavares Monday 26th September 2011 02:22

Organizing your image collection
Hi everyone,

Like most of you I struggled with the number of files I found myself dealing with. After a few attempts at different ways of organizing my nature images I settled on a simple combination of filenames and folder strcuture. The file names are auto sorting so this takes the tedium out of putting the images in the right order.

I've described this in more detail on a website I created as a text listing of my photo life list. I've also provided a downloadable blank copy of my global checklist (Excel) in case you are interested in doing something similar. It's not a commercial site.


photo life list

Sandpiper Monday 26th September 2011 15:37


Many thanks for going into depth on how you arrange and sort your photographic lists. It is obvious that you have put a lot of time and effort into this and I am sure that many members will take the time to study and digest your method and perhaps adapt it for their own requirements.


njlarsen Tuesday 27th September 2011 01:29

Just for information: I use ACDSee for my work mainly because I like the categories that are available there. I have not studied Paul's way of doing it, but I can in mere seconds call up thumbnails of all photos I have taken of a given species, even if some of them should be moved to a disk that is not currently attached to the computer. For each photo I usually put in category for both location and species and the program automatically reads of the date when the photo was originally taken, even if I have later edited the image. If two different bird species (or indeed other animal or plant species) are present in the image, I can click each of them.


Edit: I don't work with photos in the sense that I make money off of them ....

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