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rose taylor Thursday 7th January 2010 10:04

morning all.
I've been into the garden this morning and laid a sheet of cardboard on the lawn so that the birds can find their breakfast in the 4 inches of snow we've had overnight. I was and am concerned to see that both of my ponds have almost emptied themselves. The only explantion we can think of is the the hose had become frozen and the water has been diverted. I have to think of a way of topping the ponds up because I'm worried about the frogs in the bottom of the bigger pond and that the pumps may be damaged by the really cold weather. I don't think I can put the hose on because the outside tap appears to be frozen so I think the family are going to have to make a chain gang so we can top the ponds up from buckets!!
When I looked out of the bathroom window at 5:15 this morning it looked like a boat had been dragged across the lawn, I can only think that a badger had been for a later dinner. Thankfully I had put extra peanuts out, hopefully that will help sustain them until the weather warms up.
Happy days

pstraughan Friday 8th January 2010 09:56

Thanks for the tip about cardboard Rose. The snow doesn't seem to stick to it like some other surfaces. I put some water out for the birds yesterday in a shallow tray because the ponds and birdbaths are frozen solid. It too was frozen within the hour.


rose taylor Sunday 10th January 2010 06:36

Morning Pat,
the cardboard wasn't such a good idea. As the birds flew down to it the board flapped, it also flapped with the wind so the birds didn't like it. But it flattened the snow so they could see the food. We've had a pied wagtail in the garden eating the dried mealworms, he was lovley to see!
I've had another look at the ponds, I don't think they have "leaked" I think the sides of the ponds just look lower because of the snow around the edge, at least I hope that's what it is! Hopefully some of the snow will thaw today (fingers crossed) then I can have a good look. One bit of good news. The sweet peas I planted in the autumn seem to have survived the cold snap in the little seed house. phew!!

palval147 Sunday 10th January 2010 11:59

Can't see our pond, Rose, it's covered in ice with snow on top. I hope the fish have the sense to bury themselves into the mud. We have had the same 16 for 6 years now, it would be sad if they all freeze. I have given some names as well.o:D
I said to OH about the cardboard, but he said the same, if it moved it would frighten them away, but I am noticing that where the birds are foraging for food on the grass they are clearing away the snow. The Redwings know exactly what to do & the other birds benefit from it.

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