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Wimpy Thursday 14th June 2018 16:37

Which vireo - Cape May State Park.
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Taken in the State Park at Cape May on the 15th of May. I had it as a red-eyed vireo, but someone said that he thought it was a Philadelphia vireo. I don't have enough experience or knowledge to make a judgment.
I have checked on eBirds and neither was sited.
Thanks in advance

birdmeister Thursday 14th June 2018 16:40

Red-eyed Vireo for sure. Faint blue-gray crown, hefty bill, and prominent supercilium on top of black eye line are all good pointers for Red-eyed.

KC Foggin Thursday 14th June 2018 16:51

Yup! Red-eyed Vireo.

Wimpy Thursday 14th June 2018 23:03

Once again thanks guys.

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