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laughingtern Friday 11th May 2012 13:38

Not so much for myself, but for a friend who comes birdwatching with us and drives us crackers about Kingfishers.

Can anyone recommend a good place to see them in the Midlands? Think if he gets a good view of one, he will much better to go birding with |:d|

LesaPink Thursday 25th October 2012 17:13

River Rea cycle path Selly Park between Hazelwell Park and Canon Hill park. Especially the bit between Dogpool Lane and Canon Hill Park.

Phil Andrews Thursday 25th October 2012 19:15


Originally Posted by laughingtern (Post 2436976)
Not so much for myself, but for a friend who comes birdwatching with us and drives us crackers about Kingfishers.

Can anyone recommend a good place to see them in the Midlands? Think if he gets a good view of one, he will much better to go birding with |:d|

Venturing outside of Wesr Midlands County, Upton Warren NR just south of Bromsgrove is very productive, especially the Moors Pool

Sam09 Saturday 5th January 2013 18:43

There are a pair of kingfishers at leasowes park, Halesowen. They can be seen sitting on a reed fishing on the brook or a twig on the breaches pool (entrance to the river.)

jimmyjynx Saturday 5th January 2013 20:18

had a great view of one today at bumble hole warrens hall nature reserve in dudley.big pool near the canal arm opposite the visitor view i,ve had so far very active around the pool banks

zomerset Wednesday 27th February 2013 22:02

Hey I got photo's of local Kingfishers;
Wychall Reservoir
Woodgate Valley;
Kingfisher Country park
Meriden Park

Been lucky enough to see them catch fish;

keithr Wednesday 27th February 2013 23:10

What a great list for your mate to ponder on and get out looking for some......even though Zomerset manages to get some great spots - and pics - of them all over the place if you mate wants some quality time with one then choose one of these sites and set up a place to let one get on with its business without any disturbance at close quarters.

Apart from some of the above sites I have a place where I see them then got pretty close -just hope all the wet weather and flooding will not stop them returning this year.
Here's a few pics for you mate to look at...
Keith :t:
Kingfisher by noisybugger, on Flickr
2012 KING 9 by noisybugger, on Flickr
Bash'im by noisybugger, on Flickr
U W King 1 by noisybugger, on Flickr
Squat Female. by noisybugger, on Flickr

zomerset Saturday 2nd March 2013 19:22

From my Kingfisher spotting, the most reliable and repeatable Kingfisher viewing is at Leasowes, Beaches Pool, Halesowen. I have visited a few times and in the evening it settles on this perch at the opposite end to where you enter;
Today it was there again and when it saw me flew to the other end of the pool, to the same bush as previous, just by the entrance to the pool and by the bird notice board.

DaveJones Sunday 3rd March 2013 13:47

Kingsbury or better still, Ladywalk. Mosty along the Tame and the streams that run off.

zomerset Wednesday 27th March 2013 21:51

Maybe six years a go I saw a kingfisher on a stretch of the River Rea before Canon Hill park, I think I saw one there last year but it flew off too quick and I've not seen one on a couple visits there recently. But was happy to see someone else had seen one and captured it on film. Not a great shot - I know how difficult it is - as I got plenty of shots like this but here it is

zomerset Wednesday 27th March 2013 22:00

I just re-read the above threads and notice LesaPink states a similar area to the picture on my last post. Has anyone seen a kingfisher in Highbury Park, Birmingham? I see on the web and signs at the park they state a kingfisher visits the very top pond. I took a look myself but it was quite a small, stagnant pond.

zomerset Monday 8th April 2013 22:16

OK I am kingfisher mad - I said the Leasowes kingfisher was the easiest to find and I found it again. Best thing was though, it was on great form and did some of the most stunning flying I had seen, bar hovering. The best bit was when it followed a fenced footpath and then took a 90 degree turn through an open gate to continue following the footpath - stunning. It was up and down the 3 spring pools, on a fishing mission and stopped at one pool to catch a fish within 3 minutes before flying off.

zomerset Monday 8th April 2013 22:25

I did spot another kingfisher on the River Rea, Kings Norton by Wychall Reservoir on Saturday 30th March but it went past in a flash of blue. Too quick for me to follow. But a pretty good chance of spotting one in this location.

Sam09 Tuesday 9th April 2013 21:44

Hi zomerset I visit leasowes quite regularly and see the kingfisher sometimes, but want to see it more often is there a best time of day to see it and which spring it's normally at ?

zomerset Tuesday 9th April 2013 22:07

I've seen it a number of times on the bottom pool - opposite end to where you enter from the car park. It's on a perch right by the footpath. Usually early evening 4ish.[email protected]/8339486972/
or behind that tree that is in the pool. I think this was the male.
I have seen it a couple times on the top 2 pools. My last sighting was the third pool up.
I will admit though, I was up and down those pools like a yo-yo chasing it.
And it flashed past me until I found it stopped at all 3 pools, so it was luck and my timing.

zomerset Tuesday 9th April 2013 22:15

Hi Sam09 - I see it's you who says there's a pair of Kingfishers at Leasowes. I think both my photo's taken a couple months apart are females. Would be good to find the male or see them together. Have you seen the two together? I see also you had a sighting at Seven Dwellings Bridge. I took a look but was not lucky.

Sam09 Wednesday 10th April 2013 10:17

1 Attachment(s)
hi, ive never seen them together but have seen one on the first spring, and then five minutes later one on the second spring, weather it was the same one i dont know.
And the one quite literally under the seven dwellings bridge i only saw because i was fishing with my friend for 5 hours there. We had great veiws of the kingfisher as it nealy landed on my rod i have a picture of it somewhere but dont know where, cause im photographer for fishin4youth.

a picture of the kingfisher at leasowes
age 13

keithr Wednesday 10th April 2013 10:45

1 Attachment(s)
Nice capture Sam....I have visited here only twice and not seen the Kingy was last year.
As far as I remember there is a large pool by the car park area then a stream leads to a smaller concrete pond then up to some other pools.One with a little island in the middle- this is where I was told to look for the Kingy.

Heres a jokey one as it's the only view I have had for I looked over a hedge it was flying up stream.....Oh it was at Bittell.


Sam09 Wednesday 10th April 2013 16:29

Nice picture there Keith I've never been to bittel so i'll have to check it out.

zomerset Thursday 18th April 2013 21:22

Hi Keith, that pool with the little island at Leasowes is where I got this shot;
First time I had seen it on that pool, seen it mostly on the car park pool, but seen it on all the pools now.

zomerset Thursday 18th April 2013 21:23

Hi Sam09, where is Seven Dwellings Bridge? I'm not a local. Thanks.

zomerset Thursday 18th April 2013 21:27

Hi Keithr, where did you take your kingy photo then? Thanks

zomerset Sunday 28th April 2013 21:55

I saw another Kingfisher in Birmingham today, in a new location for me. The River Cole behind Trittiford Pool in Yardley Wood part of the Shire Country park. It flew along the river and I saw it from the path around the pool. It stopped at some trees, I grabbed my camera to get a photo but there was dogs on the river bank that frightened it off.

zomerset Monday 1st July 2013 22:31

I keep finding Kingfishers - I must have too much time on my hands. I never thought much of DIY. So we went to the Severn Valley Country park - I had seem someone post a kingfisher siting on birdtrack (got the app now). I could see on the map there are a cuple ponds but wanted to check out the River and was well impressed, with a nice path to follow along the banks. I was ready with the camera just in case but didn't see anything. On our way back to the car park, the misses asked a couple if they knew where the kingfisher was sighted and they said, try the second pond. I was on my way there anyway but good to get advice and help. I was surprised to find the pond had a hide. Even more surprised how small the pond was!! Then when a heron came into view, it really felt like we were prying too much. Even more shock when we heard a whistle and a kingfisher landed
It was hungry and on a mission and soon caught a fish
And it impressed us even more, catching another couple fish in minutes. I wonder what the record is. I once saw a kingfisher land, dive and catch a fish in a minute, this one seemed pretty similar.
But it felt like we were really prying and really close. I was glad after 15 minutes in the hide to come out.
Not before some more photo's.
Great bird and great fishing.

zomerset Monday 1st July 2013 22:42

This is not quite Brum but Coventry - I rushed to this site Friday as I read somone had seen 5 kingfishers. I had seen 3 once so thought it possible. My mate of course said were they in formation. So I go to the hide and start talking to the guy already there. It was he, who posted the 5 sighting and they were in a line formation. A whole family on a first outing. After an hour, one of the young came along but was spooked by the shadow of a tern, then another came along and was frightened by a coot busy building a next. Then one came back long enough for;
They did some cracking flying. No fishing.
On my way back to the car I saw a kingfisher on another pool.
Not sure if that made it 2 or 3.
Pity it was not the five.
(thanks also to Paul for the camera setting)

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