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paperweight Sunday 19th April 2015 17:44

Which stool or chair for La Rue Blind?
Last October I bought a second-hand La Rue Blind and like it for different reasons: it's very fast in setting it up and folding it again, looks quite sturdy and well constructed and does not weigh too much.
Its constructin with the metal bars on the ground asks for a stool that can be set on three or four legs. That chair should be adjustable in height and should not be too heavy to carry.
Which chair or stool do you use? I know there are some tricky multi-functional models out there, but I would like your opinion on what works best in a La Rue Blind. Thanks.

paperweight Friday 24th April 2015 17:28

It must of course be Lee Rue blind. Sorry for the misspelling.

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