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scholesy_leeds Saturday 14th January 2017 13:00

HDF or SDLv2 for MM3

This maybe a simple/silly question but what is the difference between the
HDF (40862) and the SDLv2 (40936) eyepieces for the MM3 scope? Both 15-45x.
Does SDL actually stand for anything?

This would be for an angled eyepiece.

Looking to buy my first scope after having an old 80's Bushnell hand me down for years. Looking at the MM3 or now when it comes out the MM4.


Ratal Saturday 14th January 2017 13:37

SDL V2 is waterproof, and as such, far, far better for birding in rough weather. I use it on an mm3 50 and it is the perfect light weight, go anywhere rig for sitting on the moorlands in snow and rain, or by the sea as it is chucking it down.

robledo Saturday 14th January 2017 17:09

SDL. Sharper, brighter and with less field curvature.

Richard Scott Saturday 14th January 2017 18:28

I think you should try both eyepieces and see if the extra 90 the SDL costs is worth it to you. I've only tried the MM3 with the HDF zoom and thought it was really good.

scholesy_leeds Monday 16th January 2017 10:09

Thanks for the info guys.

Gander Monday 6th February 2017 13:48

A bit late in wading in, but..... I tried the HDF and the SDL on a MM3 60. I could not see any difference in optical performance. The Opticron rep who was with me indicated that you would only see a real difference if you compared the two eye pieces on a bigger scope. Both worked very well with the MM3 60.

I did raise the waterproof question, and was informed that if I dropped scope and eye piece in a pool of water, there should be no water ingress as long as the screw connection is snug.

I have now been using scope and HDF eyepiece for 6 months with no problem.

FrankD Wednesday 8th February 2017 16:30

I have rinsed both the MM3 50 and the MM3 60 off in the sink on multiple occasions and have never had water get into the scope.

Further, I have probably had both longer than anyone here (with the exception of maybe Pete and Chris) and have not had any issues with internal fogging of the scope...and I repeatedly swap zooms and fixed wide angle eyepieces.

sless Saturday 25th February 2017 11:06

just going to join this convo and ask whats your opinions on the same 2 eyepieces on a opticron es 80 ga ed v3,im looking to buy either as I have the 40831 HDF Eyepiece at the minute would it make a lot of difference,many thanks

Paul125 Tuesday 27th June 2017 13:31

I've used that exact body with HDF for 12 years and has served me well, been out in heavy rain many times and never had any issues despite HDF not being waterproof. Better than SDL v1. Had a look with SDL V2 on my scope the other day. Would say it was slightly brighter, slightly "colder" image, slightly wider view though most noticeable only at high mags, much stiffer action.

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