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birdman Wednesday 2nd November 2011 19:52

Costa Rica guidebook
Hello peeps...

Long time no post, but I'm still around and I haven't forgotten the seemingly bottomless experience that is BF.

Simple request if you don't mind.

I've managed to budget in a holiday to Costa Rica next April - not a birding trip, but I'll have my eyes and binocs!

Would like to get hold of a decent field guide... pref pocket sized.

Any suggestions as to what I should get?

All help gratefully received :t:

Jim M. Wednesday 2nd November 2011 19:54

The fairly new (2007) Garrigues & Dean guide is what you want.


birdman Wednesday 2nd November 2011 19:57


Originally Posted by J. Moore (Post 2281116)
The fairly new (2007) Garrigues & Dean guide is what you want.

Wow... the Forum is as quick as ever!

Thanks J. for your time and advice.

I've seen these online - seem well respected.

Definitely will consider.


Birdingcraft Friday 4th November 2011 12:40

I second Jims suggestion. Easy to use, size is perfect, illustrations are good, and has range maps.

birdman Wednesday 28th December 2011 12:02

Thanks Patrick. Also just had a quick look at your blog. That's going to help me revise! Like I said, not a birding holiday per se - in fact a lot of hand-holding and organised excursions - but I have eyes and a couple of free days in Manuel Antonio tagged on to the end.

birdman Friday 11th May 2012 20:44

Garrigues and Dean it was.

Spent a few weeks "revising" beforehand and (sadly) now back from Costa Rica - guidebook well thumbed.

Will post a shortish report when I get round to it, well impressed with what I saw... even though, unsurprisingly, I missed more.

Thanks for advice folks! :t:

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