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pineappledood Saturday 12th January 2013 17:30

Just made a new bird feeder!
I just made a new bird feeder and put it up in the backyard! its red and has a red bowl over it to help keep the squirrels off. although i dont think it will so i put some Fire Mix squirrel away stuff in the food. mixed it up as it said so i hope that it will work! *crosses fingers* :P I might put a pic up if someone requests one. i have to go to sleep now though so if someone does request one i will put it up tomorrow. i got it hanging up on a shepherds hook right outside my back kitchen window so i can see it from the table. Its made from a juice bottle and red duct tape hanging from a hemp cord. I doubt the duct tape will hold up in the weather but thats just one more reason to keep the red bowl that hangs above it i guess.

we still have the other ones we bought out front and no birds are still coming to them anymore. i dont know what happened. im hoping that this new one i made will change that. if it doesnt i might just move those ones in back too.

Hoping to get a nice camera soon and then i will take pictures of the different birds that come to the feeder. cant wait! if i said that around my friends they would think im weird. lol

I would love to see some of your bird feeders made from recycled stuff! Post pics! :t:

mary99 Sunday 20th January 2013 18:29

Good luck with the project, its alway good to find new ways to attract the birds

XoioX2000 Tuesday 22nd January 2013 11:51

Hi there!

I found a kit in a shop which enables you to turn any plastic bottle in a bird feeder: there is a video on youtube:

It is quite clever but I have noticed birds seem to pick a lot of the seeds out and throw them, which is good for other birds to feed on the ground I suppose but I was suprised by how quickly they seem to go through a 1 ltr bottle full of seeds!!!


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