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sharifaone Saturday 21st January 2017 19:00

finch-like bird, Yucatan, Mexico
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While birding in Yucatan in December, snapped a quick pic of this finch-like bird. Note short pale bill, dark eye, dark notched tail, pale/yellowish underparts, darker wings. But note white near tips of wings. Sorry that the pic is so bad, but any ideas? There were so many new birds there for me that I don't even know where to begin.
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KenM Saturday 21st January 2017 19:25

I'm thinking Lesser Goldfinch?


njlarsen Saturday 21st January 2017 23:04


Originally Posted by KenM (Post 3515069)
I'm thinking Lesser Goldfinch?


I was worried for a bit by paler bill, but some photos show that.


sharifaone Sunday 22nd January 2017 07:17

Ok, I'll go with Lesser Goldfinch. Thanks KenM and Niels! So helpful to get input on birds that stump me!

Motmot Sunday 22nd January 2017 13:58

Looks a bunting type to me, possibly Indigo

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