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jnicholes Thursday 30th January 2020 21:32

American or Lesser Goldfinch? Idaho, USA
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I cant tell if thats an American Goldfinch or a lesser Goldfinch. Can someone help me figure this out?

By the way, the second photo where the bird is tilting his head and looking at the camera, I think that is just TOO CUTE!

The bird is like, "Huh? whats that in the window of the human house?"


Jefferson Shank Thursday 30th January 2020 21:52

They are female American Goldfinches. The American Goldfinches have a more pronounced white wing bar than the Lesser Goldfinches.

Jeff hopkins Thursday 30th January 2020 21:58

Agree with American. FWIW, the Lessers I saw a couple weeks ago in AZ were bright yellow as opposed to the brownish tones of this bird.

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