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IAN JAMES THOMPSON Saturday 6th June 2015 20:02

Why are some area in the UK & Ireland County Patches have so few posts and threads?
I'm just wondering why some county's in the UK & Ireland by County Patches have very few posts and threads in some of the different county's, while others have lots of posts and threads.
One example is I've asked a question about the Isle of Wight where I'm hoping to be going on a bird watching annual holiday with my Newcastle Upon Tyne RSPB Group in June 2016 and as of yet I haven't had one reply. There are very few threads and posts in that section. I can just live in hope that I receive a reply from someone and I'll be most grateful if that happens.

MSA Saturday 6th June 2015 21:26

In Dorset and Hampshire, for instance, there are lively Yahoo email groups for each, so news tends to be circulated that way; Birdforum is not necessarily all that popular with everyone in those groups, so whilst some info gets reposted here, much does not. IOW may be similar?

Phil Andrews Sunday 7th June 2015 06:54

I think there may be a number of reasons why some areas have little activity on BF, of which MSA has already touched on a few:

(1) Few active birders in the locality
(2) A well organised ornithological group with its own forum (Suffolk is an example of a bird rich county with very few posts on BF but an active SOG site)
(3) Well maintained bird information websites eg CBWPS and Cornwall Birding in Cornwall
(4) Other information / discussion groups via Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook etc

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