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Paula D Tuesday 12th November 2019 15:57

Screeching Great Horned Owls
We’ve lived in southern Oregon in a wooded area and have listened to the regular hooting of these owls for years. But for the first time this year, beginning about June, there is only the screeching of owls, no deep hoots. From what I’ve read already, these could be juveniles begging for food or some adults defending their territory?

We’re wondering why only screeching and no deep hoots? Their behavior has definitely changed this year. Thanks!!

Hamhed Thursday 28th November 2019 13:37

Hi, Paula-

This video, taken outside our house in western North Carolina, is of a juvenile Great Horned Owl. I've read that this is a contact or begging call which seems a reasonable assumption. Gray Catbird, Carolina Wren, Eastern Towhee and American Robin can be heard in the background.


Paula D Thursday 28th November 2019 16:25

Thank you Steve! that’s definitely the call we are hearing and appreciate seeing the owl making the call.


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