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mook Wednesday 26th July 2006 15:18

Adhesive for rubber armour - help needed!
Hi all,

The rubber armour on my Zeiss 10x40 B T* has started to lift slightly (underside - where your left thumb would be), and I was wondering if anyone knows the best type of adhesive to use to stick it back firmly? There is no damage to the rubber armour - it's just no longer stuck to the body where it meets the hinge. It looks as though some kind of adhesive tape was originally used to bond rubber to body....

Advice would be most appreciated.



PS. Is it still possible to buy spare/replacement eyecups (semi-hard rubber) for these older models?

Alexis Powell Wednesday 26th July 2006 18:09

You could send them to Zeiss, but if you want to try a simple fix yourself, try carpet tape--it is super sticky double-sided tape and completely removable/reversible if you change your mind. As for the eyecups, yes you can get replacements from Zeiss. Zeiss and Leica have a legendary reputation for maintaining replacement part stock for models far older than yours.

mook Wednesday 26th July 2006 18:19

Thanks Alexis, the double-sided carpet tape sounds like a safe solution - it does look as though something similar was originally what bonded the armour to the body. I sure as heck don't want to risk glue!

I guess an email/call to Zeiss UK is required too....nice to know you can still get these bits & pieces.....



mook Friday 28th July 2006 12:19

Alexis - the double-sided tape has worked a treat. No fuss & no mess - the rubber armour is stuck firmly & good as new.

Many thanks!



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