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Jane Turner Saturday 9th November 2019 10:06

Interesting Great Grey Shrike - Kent UK
A couple of days ago, this photo of a Great Grey Shrike came through my twitter feed.

It looked pale and the primary patch looked deep. Out of curiosity, I asked if there was a photo of the open wing, to see if the patch was also short.

I didn't know where the bird was, or even who the photographer was and failed to locate it again. about 10 hours later I was sent this

Which certainly confirmed that there was no white on the secondaries. (I've noticed that GGS with a lot of white in the primaries usually also have it on the secondary bases)

So after asking a few questions, I found out its the bird currently in Kent. There are some excellent photos of it and its an interesting bird.


Contra Steppe GS
  • Seen to have light barring to the underparts in the field which rules out SGS
  • Lores not that pale
  • Bill not overly heavy
  • Its not as pale as it appeared on that 1st photo

More Steppe-like
  • Fully white outer tail feather
  • No white on the secondaries, combined with a deep primary patch
  • Quite a lot of grey in the flight feathers
  • P2/9 - ie 2nd out ermost appears to be quite long - 4/5 not 6/7

Primary projection sort of intermediate. Any thoughts - Eastern bird?

Jane Turner Saturday 9th November 2019 10:43

There is of course a lot of variation in GGS

This is a typical bird - shorter 2nd outermost primary, white into the secondaries
as is this

This one has no white on the secondaries, but the pp patch is narrow and p2 is short

then this bird is very like hte Kent bird

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