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LazDivaz Monday 11th February 2019 20:15

Which flycatcher? Sámara, Costa Rica
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Having trouble identifying this flycatcher spotted in the early morning in coastal woods. Would not lower his head for me, and was quite distant. Please help! Many thanks.

JWN Andrewes Monday 11th February 2019 20:25

Yellow-throated Vireo

LazDivaz Monday 11th February 2019 20:27

Thanks, JWN. I am so glad now that I asked my birding chum whether she thought it could have been a Vireo. Yippee.

njlarsen Monday 11th February 2019 22:58

Sorry but disagree. The yellow seems to go back to far on the underside and the bill looks more like a warbler than a vireo


JWN Andrewes Tuesday 12th February 2019 21:00

Similar extent of yellow on these...


and a comparable angle of the bill...

Combination of yellow throat/breast and white wingbars would put Pine Warbler in the frame, but the undertail is wrong (all dark).

I'm still firmly in the Yellow-throated Vireo camp.

njlarsen Wednesday 13th February 2019 13:54

Thanks for the rebuttal, I am convinced you are right now.


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