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PineParallel Tuesday 4th August 2020 23:03

Owl Identification Help Please!
Hey everyone!

A couple of years ago I went to an owl cafe in Tokyo. I held three owls there, but unfortunately I can only remember the species of two of them. I would really appreciate some help identifying what owl this small guy is. I have a feeling he's a scops owl, but I don't know which kind? Maybe the information is written right there in Japanese, but I have no idea D: The feather belongs to him too and I can add more photos of it out of the plastic if that would help!

(I apologise for the selfie and the terrible quality of the photos!)

Thank you!

Nutcracker Wednesday 5th August 2020 00:37

If they're captive birds, they could be from anywhere, including hybrids between different species that could not meet in the wild, making ID effectively impossible . . . which is why there's a rule that captive birds should not be posted on Birdforum ;)


johnallcock Wednesday 5th August 2020 14:38

It's one of the Collared Scops Owl species complex (quite hard to say exactly which species from these photos).
I've been working with colleagues on some research about the pet cafes in Asia. Collared Scops Owl are quite common in the owl cafes.

PineParallel Thursday 6th August 2020 09:16

Oh I'm so sorry, please delete this thread then, I didn't mean to break the rules!

Thank you for the responses though!

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