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MontanaOspreyCam Tuesday 6th July 2010 19:16

Trail Camera website
Hi Birders! (I usually use the birding part of this forum).

The company that I work for also monitors wildlife. I just wanted to let people know that we have a free public website (we don't make any money off of it) for you to look at the Montana Wildlife we have caught on all of our trail cameras.

We have videos and stills and it is all archived on

Please come visit us!!

Also, if you create a free account, you get to use other features on the saving your favorite photos to your own page.


Tracy B (:

Mike Richardson Tuesday 6th July 2010 21:16

Some great pics there. Especially like the smaller mammals and bird shots.

MontanaOspreyCam Tuesday 6th July 2010 21:44

thanks! Did you check out the cameras inside the nestboxes? You can watch the little nestlings grow up :-)

The little mammals are so hard to identify sometimes. I prefer the large mammals :-)

Thanks for checking it out!

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