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albatross02 Sunday 13th June 2010 17:34

Orchid ID Chile please
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this orchid I saw in Cayon de Maipo in east of Santiago.
Altitude was about 1.900 m.

Any idea ?

Best regards

willito Wednesday 7th July 2010 18:40

Hello albatross02,
although I must admit my ignorance in regards to bothanics, I will check my literature to see if I find something like this. My wife is also fond of native plants, so she could give me some hint.

You may also check following page yourself: It has a very comprehensive database of native species, most of them with photos and detailed description.

I will risk one more suggestion (sorry if mistaken): could this be an Alstroemeria instead of an orchid?

willito Wednesday 7th July 2010 18:55

I found in the meantime a specimen which, I dare to say, is at least similar: Chloraea disoides Lindl. Check at


willito Thursday 8th July 2010 13:02

according to a botanist friend of mine, it is a Chloraea disoides Lindl. var. picta (Kraenzl.).


albatross02 Thursday 15th July 2010 21:26

Hello Willito,

thank You for the help.
Very good link !

Best regards

erizzo Saturday 21st August 2010 23:06

Hey Dieter,
I second Willitos identification. Its a Chloraea disoides.

Take care

albatross02 Monday 30th August 2010 20:40

Hello Erik,

thank You for the help.

How is Valdivia, there should be nice forests there ?
I like forest with lots of big ferns, is it possible to find them in Chile too ?

Best regards

willito Thursday 2nd September 2010 14:03

in fact, Valdivia is not only a very nice place to visit, but it gives the name to one of our most typical and worldwide known Chilean landscapes, the "Valdivian rainforest", which was once spread all over the South of the country and today, although seriously diminished, reaches up to the Chiloé region. While extremely varied both in flora and fauna, its most characteristic species belong to the "Nothofagus" genus, the so called southern beeches.
There are some areas to the North of the land where such kind of forest can also be seen. As far as I know, the "Fray Jorge" National Park, roughly 300 km Northwest of Santiago, represents the northernmost patch of Valdivian rainforest. But if you want to know the real thing with all its rich biodiversity, Valdivia is certainly the right choice.

erizzo Thursday 2nd September 2010 23:11

Hi Dieter,
Thanks Willito for the information. Here just a few kilometers out of Valdivia we have amazing patches of valdivian forest with trees covered in Hymenophyllums (small ferns used as bioindicators) andbryophytes (mosses and liver worts). But not only small ferns can be found, also big Blechnum chilense and Lophosoria quadripinnata, truely magnificent. It feels like you are in a tropical rain forest, except that its a lot colder. The amount of biodiversity in these forests is amazing.

Here is a link with photos of mostly species found in the valdivian forest


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