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Ernest Garcia Monday 9th September 2019 16:37

Good news about Spanish vultures.
Good news regarding vultures anywhere is hard to come by these days but recent breeding census results from Spain are encouraging. The 2017 census of Griffon Vultures found over 35,000 pairs, some 25% more than in 2008. The very interesting details may be found in the recent monograph 50 of the Spanish Ornithological Society, available on their website ( – in Spanish with English summary. During the same period the Black Vulture population in Spain has increased by 30% to at least 2,544 pairs. The Egyptian Vulture population increased overall by 3% to 1,490–1,567 pairs, although still showing declines in some regions. The Bearded Vulture population in the Pyrenees in 2018 comprised 125 definite territories plus 141 probable territories. Also in 2018 re-introduced Bearded Vultures established two breeding pairs in Cazorla, Andalusia and a reintroduced female paired with a wild-origin male in the Picos de Europa, Asturias. Vultures benefit in Spain from abundant food, secure nest sites and greatly reduced persecution. However, the recent authorisation of diclofenac as a veterinary drug by the European Union is a potential calamity that is being urgently addressed by SEO/Birdlife.

davercox Tuesday 10th September 2019 11:14

Good news indeed Ernest, thanks for posting.

gerald762 Tuesday 10th September 2019 13:48

The census was in 2018. I know because I was part of it!! It was very interesting and very encouraging.

rollingthunder Tuesday 10th September 2019 14:08

It certainly is:t:

I have 2 friends who have just returned from 10 days in Andalucia spending another 2 driving to and from Santander. They are non-birders but said the thing they most enjoyed about the trip was seeing birds of prey and especially Vultures whilst over there - i got updates for ID confirmation several times a day.

The drug issue needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency - the Spanish Government need only see what it has done elsewhere and if it is EU funded then a lot of Farmers will no doubt use it...


gerald762 Tuesday 10th September 2019 14:23

We can agree about this drug use! I am sure there are alternatives available. (Equally sure that the EU doesn't fund the drug)

rollingthunder Tuesday 10th September 2019 16:40

That would be a first Gerald;)

When the grants become available i will update...

When/if used it will be poisoning by proxy rather than illegally by Iberia’s only ‘rogue’ farmer;)

The Spanish Govt not only needs a potted history of its use but if their memory is short also the effect of DDT, Aldrin Dieldrin etc. They need to be made aware that populations of species like Peregrine and Sparrowhawk only enjoy the healthy numbers of today because a Red light was flagged several decades ago.

I don’t live there it is up to residents to do the heavy lifting - raptors must not be used as throwaway ‘Litmus Paper’ as they have in the past. Vets must exercise caution and Farmers must not be appeased as they are throughout Europe.

Currently we have had an estimated 40k Badgers murdered to appease a minority interest with 25% dying in agony and it will be being subsidised by somebody - ultimately us but people can nit-pick over semantics.


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