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cheerful Saturday 27th December 2008 19:19

Cormorant in Florida
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Are the first 2 both Great Cormorant? How can I tell the difference b/w Great and Double-crested? Is the color of the neck of any significance?

Is the 3rd one male Anhinga?


David Norgate Saturday 27th December 2008 21:19

The cormorants are Doudle-crested (the default cormorant in Florida), smaller, shorter necked, longer tailed, with orange at the base of the bill. Individuals are difficult to i-d. The last bird is an Anhinga, adult male

rjackb Sunday 28th December 2008 01:03

I agree with Ruralchill's IDs. As for distinguishing Great and Double-crested, I believe all Greats have a small white patch at the top of their their throat just beneath the chin. They are also bigger (but that's not much help unless you see both species together). Greats are uncommon in Florida except for the far northeast coast in the winter, although you might rarely spot one on some other part of the Florida coastline. As for the neck color, juveniles of both species have lighter colored necks.

birderbf Sunday 28th December 2008 02:13

Like rjackb said, Greats are rare winter visitors to the state, mostly on the far north Atlantic coast. Young Greats are tricolored (dark back, lighter throat, whitish belly) and somewhat larger than Double-cresteds.

cheerful Monday 29th December 2008 01:57


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