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btrysz Wednesday 2nd May 2018 20:00

Need help with Gray and Yellow Bird
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I saw this bird hopping on the ground today in suburban Chicago backyard.

Any idea what it is? Having a hard time IDing.


Phil Carter Wednesday 2nd May 2018 20:18

Palm Warbler.


Microtus Wednesday 2nd May 2018 20:27

Welcome, btrysz. You photographed a Palm Warbler.

btrysz Wednesday 2nd May 2018 20:30

Thank you! I appreciate the help!

KC Foggin Wednesday 2nd May 2018 20:50

Yes, a Palm Warbler.

Hi there Brad and a warm welcome to you from those of us on staff here at BirdForum :t:

We're glad you found us and thanks for taking a moment to say hello. Please join in wherever you like ;)

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