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longbow Friday 19th June 2009 06:40

Sounds like a Nighthawk...
but isn't. No visual, no buzzing of the diving bird, too early for the fall display flights anyway. But over the last two days have heard a nearly identical bird call in the bush behind my house. Any ideas?


njlarsen Friday 19th June 2009 12:52

listen to woodcock or snipe ...


Oregonian Friday 19th June 2009 15:50

There is sort of a similarity between the peerrr of a Western Wood Peewee and the peent call of a nighthawk.

MLoyko Friday 19th June 2009 18:52

Like Niels said try woodcock, or Goldeneye sounds like it to I believe.

longbow Friday 19th June 2009 19:35

Thanks very much. The snipe is a possible as I live across from some hay fields that hold several long billed curlews and I have perfect cover for the peewee on the other side. Great help.

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