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Chrispeacock Monday 27th February 2017 23:36

Sir Peter Scott Thanks
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Hello! Hopefully I'm in the right place for this. I found a few threads on peter here... I'm just checking what this print is exactly. Now at first I thought is it faded or something like that. But then I saw more of this print but dufferent numbers of course online looking the same and only one that was a bit different but who knows if it was the camera or lighting that changed its color. Anyway if anyone knows what the original looks like or can shed more light on this item that would be great thanks a lot!
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And yes I hope the colors look OK / like they do with the eye on your screens...they were taken on a note 4 ...tnx.

MTem Tuesday 28th February 2017 07:57

Well the birds look to be Whooper swans....

Watts Tuesday 28th February 2017 21:39

The picture (the original was oil on board apparently) is reproduced in Scott's Observations of Wildlife (1980). In my copy the picture is slightly darker and the colours more saturated. Of course I have no way of knowing whether the book reproduction is accurate but it looks right with the swans appearing darker against the light and some of the highlights more golden in the dawn light.


Chrispeacock Thursday 9th March 2017 23:17

This was a weird one as I found the book finally online and it looked much more blue and yes stronger colors but not particularly good. Then finally after lots of searching I think I found the original oil painting which does look the best ... but with different lighting each time and cameras it is hard to tell exactly. Thanks for the input.

Probably should add the book I saw was a cover. I'm thinking maybe yours is fairly accurate.

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