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Proavis Saturday 11th November 2017 01:23

South Florida Passerine
Hi all, I wanted to see if you all could help me to ID this bird.

With the color and the dark eye, I think this may be a gray catbird, but it is thinner than I usually see them to be, and it was behaving a little unusually, it was out in the open and making a lot of swooping and diving flights.

Thanks in advance!

KC Foggin Saturday 11th November 2017 01:27

If not a Catbird, how about a Dark-eyed Junco?

Tero Saturday 11th November 2017 01:33

Just the eye or a mask? A shrike would be doing dives for prey.

birdmeister Saturday 11th November 2017 14:39

How about an Eastern Phoebe, which has a grayish-olive head and upperparts and a dark eye? That would fit the behavior as well as it being a bit smaller/thinner than Gray Catbird.

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