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Tero Thursday 8th March 2018 00:47

Odd small gull
It's in this eBird list with two pictures. It was smaller than the smallest ring bill. The ring bill to the right is average size

The picture only is this link. If I correct the name, the link will disappear

Bonaparte's? That is supposed to get here mid March, peaking in april.

stevethehydra Thursday 8th March 2018 00:57

Gives me an immature Common/Mew Gull impression - small size and small bill but still more of a Larus 'jizz' than the smaller hooded gulls like Bonaparte's, Black-headed etc. Not sure how (un)likely that is in Nebraska though...

Tero Thursday 8th March 2018 01:11

Rather unlikely. Isn’t mew about the size of a ring billed, or a few cm shorter? This was clearly small. The only small gull reported so far in the area is Franklin’s.

birdmeister Thursday 8th March 2018 01:29

Definitely not one of the smaller "hooded" gulls, as stevethehydra pointed out. I can't say whether it's just an immature Ring-billed Gull or a Mew Gull, given Mew's rarity in Nebraska.

Size is rather hard to tell from this angle, but it does appear a bit smaller than surrounding Ring-billed.

Tero Thursday 8th March 2018 01:52

If we disregard size, I would have to call it ring-billed.

RafaelMatias Thursday 8th March 2018 02:28

With such a delicate and short bill and apparently dark eye the species that would fit it best is really Mew Gull, despite its rarity there.

Tero Thursday 8th March 2018 03:28

OK. It probably won’t pass with just that. I’d need someone to refind it and get photos with wings.

JWN Andrewes Thursday 8th March 2018 10:52

You'd certainly struggle to sell it as Ring-billed over here on that image. (The ones in the background would pass muster though...:t: .)

Tero Thursday 8th March 2018 15:14

One NE expert has labeled it ring bill now. There are some 10 records of mew gull. It comes from the west, so we have records in Lake McConaughy which is a 300 miles West of here.

RafaelMatias Thursday 8th March 2018 16:49

I must say that's a bit odd. At best I'd leave it unidentified.

birdboybowley Thursday 8th March 2018 22:24

Looks Mew to me too

sicklebill Thursday 8th March 2018 23:15

Can't see how this can be a Ring-billed

RafaelMatias Thursday 8th March 2018 23:55

Note Mew Gull has occurred before at the Branched Oak SRA:
And there have been records also in south Nebraska last December:

Tib78 Friday 9th March 2018 01:15

Difficult images but there is every chance it’s just a (small) Ring-billed gull, based on the fact that it’s a 1st cycle bird (cf. bill pattern) and the general whiteness of the plumage. A 2cy Mew gull would generally be much darker at this time of the year and would lack the contrasting whitish eye crescents.

TLeukering Sunday 11th March 2018 22:47

It's a first-cycle, 3-year gull that has a black-tipped, pinkish bill. Because it has an obvious pale gray mantle and lacks much in the way of brown tones, it's an immature Ring-billed Gull.

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