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BirdingRob Thursday 8th March 2018 20:25

Duck, Laayoune, Western Sahara
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Seen at Laayoune two weeks ago.

I identified the male as a tufted duck but it has been suggested as either a tufted x ferruginous or tufted x pochard.

I would also like to confirm the identity of the other ducks (in the last two pictures)

all help gratefully received.


CARERY Thursday 8th March 2018 20:34

I'd agree this is a male hybrid. My guess would be that Ferruginous Duck is one of the parents. The other possibly Tufted Duck? The ducks in the last two pics are female Common Pochards.

BirdingRob Thursday 8th March 2018 20:51

Carery thanks for youe insights on the male duck and the identification of the female ducks.

Oddly the ebird list for western Sahara includes only one hybrid duck and that is pochard x ferruginous. I wonder why that one is included? As it happens this bird seems to look close to the picture of a pochard x ferruginous in the Collin's European guide.


RafaelMatias Thursday 8th March 2018 21:48

Take a look at this thread Rob:

stevethehydra Friday 9th March 2018 00:19

I agree with Ferruginous x Common Pochard. While it can be similar in colouring, Ferruginous x Tufted usually shows an obvious tuft (if shorter than that of pure TD):

Especially in the last 2 photos, your bird's bill also looks very Common Pochard-like.

Joern Lehmhus Friday 9th March 2018 10:12

as said , the male is a ferruginous x common pochard.

Tufted x ferruginous is normally with more black and with a tuft . The crown and the tuft as well as the breast or at least part of the breast are often dark rufous-brown. that is the commonest coloration of that hybrid


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