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Reviews by Lewie

  • Optics, eye-relief, price
  • Slightly longer than other top scopes
Two and one-half years ago I purchased a PE-80 ED angled Pentax scope. The main reason I reason purchased the Pentax was that it was one of the very few scopes that had decent eye-relief. I believe now, however, that the top companies are providing scopes with better eye-relief than they were 3 years ago.

This is my first scope, and the optical quality is fantastic.

The only downside is that it is slightly longer than some top scopes, but I paid $850 for the scope AND eyepiece, where the the
Leica, Seiss, and Swarovsky cost $1,300 to $1,700, not including the eyepiece.

The Pentax does not have the two focusing wheels, like the Zeiss. Although I have never used a scope with a fast and a slow focus, it sounds like a great idea.

I purchased the angled version after much research. All the articles I read and all the comments from my friends suggested that angled was better than straight because t is easier to use and the tripod does not have to be raised as high. The only downside to an angled scope that I have found is that when I have the tripod set at a height that is best for me, a person much shorter than me cannot get high enough to look down into the eyepiece.

Finally, considering the optical quality and the price of the Pentax, I believe it is a great scope. With the Pentax you are getting a great scope for less than half of the others. Especially considering that I do not use my scope that often, I did not want to spend $2,000.
  • Very sharp, great contrast,very bright, fast focus
  • None-other than takes awhile to get used to fast focus
Six weeks ago I purchased a pair of Nikon Premier
LX L 8X32. They are fantastic! They are bright and sharp. The only possible downside is the very fast focus. It took awhile for me to get used to such a fast focus, but now that I am used to, I love it, and would not trade it for anything. It is wonderful to be able to focus so quickly; it allows me to get birds into focus very quickly. It just a little while to get used to.

The depth of field is great also great. Once I got used to the fast focus I realized the Premier\'s DOF
was more that I thought possible. The focusing is very smooth. I just love working that fast, smooth wheel.

The feel of the binoculars in my hands is great. Any smaller and I would not like them, and I have average-sized hands. The reason I mention the size is because I have heard comments that the Premier is larger than competing binos. If they were much smaller I would find them uncomfortable and have trouble using them.

I did not notice any chromatic abberation, but then I do not notice any in most of my other binos either.

My Pentax DCF SP 10X50 binos may be slightly sharper, but, then they are 10X50, and should be sharper. But the Premier is very sharp, and appear brighter and with more contrast than the Pentax.

The eye relief is great on the Nikon, which is vitally important to me, since I do wear glasses. Forgive me for ranting, but Leica and Swarovski seem to have no interest in selling binos to those who wear glasses. Does sound, however, that Zeiss is finally coming around, and that the FLs have great eye relief.

One word of warning -- the rain guard is very rubbery. I attached mine the usual way to the neck strap, and it ripped in three days. I did receive a new one in 2 days, free. This one I attached to the strap with part of a shoe lace, and have had no problem.