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  1. kestrel1

    Noblex 8-24x50 ED short summary

    just FYI, Down is the photo for reference on optical performance (original / tuned up). For such a small, transportable and cheap scope it is quite satisfactory result. .
  2. kestrel1

    New MeoStar B1 Plus Binoculars

    Hmm.. so enough time to adjust budget planning for saving little bit :)
  3. kestrel1

    Meopta 15x56 HD - Reviews and Information

    Hello Wal, there is eshop https://www.hermes.sk/meopta+217/meopta-dalekohlad-meostar-b1-15x56-hd/ in SK, showing quite low price for standard version. In case they really have it, might be worth to try. I bought 12x50+ from Meopta directly and I can confirm that Meopta has very precise...
  4. kestrel1

    New for 2020 Meopta Meopro Air Binoculars

    Very favorable pricing spotted on Meopta CZ eshop https://eshop.meopta.cz/meopro-air/
  5. kestrel1

    Anybody have any idea when Meopta is coming out with the new B2 binoculars?

    All the rumors on other forums point to 2022, what reminds me joke about tribe chief weatherman and collecting of wood for winter :) Still wish to see them in 2021.
  6. kestrel1

    Meopta 15x56 HD - Reviews and Information

    Hello, the eye relief on12x50 HD+ is not well suitable for eyeglasses, as the FOV get restricted, here the EL SV perform better for 12x. Stability of view is very good as binocular has some weight and allow good grip. Still 12x is allways better suitable at walks around fields, lakes or on...
  7. kestrel1

    BITFEOV for my new SLC 8x42

    Great one, it remind me my first BITFEOV winged eyecups for Vanguard Sprit ED back in 2012.
  8. kestrel1

    Meopta 15x56 HD - Reviews and Information

    Agree, Meostar HD is one of benchmarks for CA suppression. I have 12x50 HD+ which is great for raptors and waterfowl. Really enjoying detail picking on long distances. Enjoy!
  9. kestrel1

    Swarovski winged eyecups on EL

    Yes, winged eyecups from Swarovski are good, I have them on SLC HD, and main benefit is not only in optical view, but as well they block wind and moisture, thus enhancing comfort of viewing. Their price is bargain for Swarovski stuff. FOR are not that good as these from Swarovski, as RB pointed...
  10. kestrel1

    what will be brighter in dark hours - Swarovski EL 8.5x42 SV or Meopta B1 8x56?

    Hello In 2013 I had EL SV 8,5x42 and 8x56 Nobilem. You get 8x56 brightness benefit if you do serious owl watching up to night or during moonlight. For standard dusk after sunset you can live comfortably with 8/8,5x42. Before few months from pure curiosity I compared my SLCs 8x42 with EDG 7x42...
  11. kestrel1

    Customer care

    Same experience with my 8x SLC HDs 2010, get them collimated and armored FoC. Swaro aftersales is top notch (y)
  12. kestrel1

    SLC 8x42 vs EL SV 8.5x42

    Hello I was having EL 8,5x42 SV (late 2009 production) for 2012-2015 and later switched to SLC 8x42 HD (2010 production) from 2016 up to now. The price difference between these two was about 250euro back 10 years, and it was well reflecting the Filed flattener,eye relief,little better close...
  13. kestrel1

    Let's talk PORROS!

    From Porro prism binoculars, I had 8x32SE and 8x56 Nobilem, both were masterpieces in terms of performance. Both lines are discontinued, Docter/Noblex even ceased. Logically seen, even they were nearly best buys in their formats, market never brought sales figures to keep them in. IMHO destinies...
  14. kestrel1

    Two Month Review: Swaro 10x42 NLs

    FYI https://www.allbinos.com/index.php?test=lornetki&test_l=360
  15. kestrel1

    The Fujinon FMTR-SX 10x50 is the Big Aperture Habicht you have been dreaming about!

    I think there are valid reason why the Fuji FMT is frequently discussed in astro community, and not frequently on birdforum. I assume this not going to change. Some years ago I was thinking about FMT or its low cost clones , but skipped the idea, as my experience from Docter Nobilem was, that...
  16. kestrel1

    CZJ EDF 7x40 Roof Prism Binoculars

    Hello, I had one, the 1987 bought online in 2015 (rubber armoring looks like it is not second hand but fifth-hand). I bought it from curiosity to spend some time with it and later sold it. Yellow cast was quite strong, but except this optical performance was quite good for 250 euro. I believe...
  17. kestrel1

    Meopta compared to Alpha glass?

    Orange version is really cool ☃️🎄 (even mist freezes around it :cool: )
  18. kestrel1

    Styrka Out Of Business

    Hello, yes this is B2B vs B2C gap B2B can go even without any warranty, but B2C must follow local law. I think there are deviations between EU countries and it is not fully harmonized. In SK basic B2C for non-consummables is 2years. Real execution of aftersales in-warranty service may depend on...
  19. kestrel1

    Meopta compared to Alpha glass?

    Hi Lee Yes, I agree as I had silver coated 2005 Trinovids (bought as demo in 2013), and even non-nitrogen purged 1987 CZJ EDF 7x40, both had no "silver-issue" at all. I found that silver coating makes watching raptors over summer grain fields very enjoyable, as the yellow/brown perception is tad...
  20. kestrel1

    Meopta compared to Alpha glass?

    Hello Sid, Generally rule is: IF budget is limited THEN go Meopta, ELSE go Swarovski As basically with: Meopta you get Very Good product, service and resale value. Swarovski you get Great product, service and resale value. Of course, there can be application exceptions based on binocular...
  21. kestrel1

    SLC range to be discontinued by Swarovski!

    Is the SLC 10x56 better in CA correction than Meostar 12x50 HD?
  22. kestrel1

    Meostar B1.1 plus

    Not sure what it is, likely the suspect of the b2 prototype??! https://www.facebook.com/teammeopta/photos/a.389041521671497/804426706799641/?type=3&theater
  23. kestrel1

    SLC range to be discontinued by Swarovski!

    Hello, IMHO SLCs are golden mean, and yes nowadays super competitive. For about 4 years I was using EL, and was thinking the SLC are inferior, until I get to one. Now having the SLC 5 years, and sold ELs.
  24. kestrel1

    Noblex 8-24x50 ED short summary

    Hello birders / optics enthusiast just to open thread for the 8-24x50 ED from Noblex. Base on Binomania review https://www.binomania.it/recensione-del-noblex-ns-8-24x-50-ed/ and some good price in German shops...
  25. kestrel1

    Meostar B1.1 plus

    Just FYI, The Czech eshop now shows the coloured renders and it is possible to order them. https://eshop.meopta.cz/dalekohledy-meostar-b1-plus/