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    D500 and...

    Can you put a 1,4 TC on the 5,6 500mm pf? cheers, Ian
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    D500 and...

    Hi Fritten, I am in the middle of saving up for a 500mm prime, may I ask you which prime you use? Grüße, Ian
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    D500 and...

    Hi Andy, great choice, I have the D500 with the 200-500mm, my lens is just brilliant, you may need to fine AF the lens, but I can highly recommend it. The VR is top and with 5,6 all through the zoom it is great to hand hold.
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    Photographing Robins is 300mm enough.

    you could also think about the used market, you can get a great deal on D500 and 300mm primes or 150-500 /600mm
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    Ocular question

    Thanks again for all this information Dan, over here is everything closed because of lockdown so I have just ordered the S2, which I can also send back if I am not happy. Down here at the moment we also have a lot of divers like the red-throated, black-throated and red-necked grebe over the...
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    Ocular question

    Hi Dan, thankyou for your time. The scope will be mainly used for waterfowl monitoring in the morning and evening, I will also be covering an area where Hen harriers roost. I will not be moving around to much. I am not sure if I will be reading ring in the future but individuals will need...
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    Comment by 'I_A_N' in media 'Captured ..... Sparrow Hawk'

    Brilliant capture there Tony.
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    Ocular question

    Hi guys, This year I will be starting to do some volunteer work with the LBV here in southern Germany and find myself looking to buy a scope which I can use for bird monitoring ect. I have never owned or used a scope but after reading loads of posts here I am tending towards getting the Meopta...
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    Comment by 'I_A_N' in media 'Grey Heron.JPG'

    Great image Rob.
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    olympus om-d e-mx1 vs Nikon D500

    Hi Niels, as far as I know the D500 doesn‘t do AF tracking, but if anyone knows different please tell me where to find it 😎👍
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    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2021 edition)

    Europe: Great egret grey heron tufted duck coot mallard cormorant
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    olympus om-d e-mx1 vs Nikon D500

    Hi guys, I was out in my local patch yesterday with my D500 and 200-500mm and getting some good shots of a grey heron and egrets, A guy came along who had an Olypus om-d e-mx1, there was something in the software which all he had to do was lock focus on the eye and it just seemed to follow the...
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    Using fill flash

    Cheers mate.
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    Comment by 'I_A_N' in media 'Female Cuckoo'

    Fantasic shot Keith.
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    Using fill flash

    Hi Manolito, I will be using a 200-500 f5,6 from nikon on my D500, I have bought a better beamer for my flash, I have bracket and cords. I will give it a try over christmas and if it turns out I’ll post my results.
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    Nikon 200-500mm tripod collar

    Thanks, I ended up buying the Kirk NC, wasn’t cheap but work really well, it also has an ARCA SWISS
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    Using fill flash

    Hi guys, at this time of year where I live there isn’t much light around to photograph birds. I am thinking of trying a little fill flash to bring the light up a touch. Has anybody tried this technique? I have seen on YT a few wildlife photographers using fill flash and was just wondering what...
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Bushtit in flight'

    Great shot. The 500 f5,6 seems a great piece of kit.
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    Nikon 200-500mm tripod collar

    Do you know if it rotates smoothly, the original is a pain in the a**
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    Nikon 200-500mm tripod collar

    Hi Guys, As many of you may know the tripod collar of the above named lens is anything but good, do any of you know of a good alternative which can be bought?
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Spicy dinner :eek!:'

    Fantastic photo of a great robin.
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Peregrine falcon'

    Great flight shot you got.
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Nutcracker'

    Brilliant capture mate.
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Common Cuckoo'

    Outstanding shot there mate. Always wish I could get the chance to photograph one of these beauties.
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Cettis warbler'

    Super shot Donald, well done mate.