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  1. Michael Frankis

    Why does the BirdForum homepage . . .

    Sometimes open really wide, so that you have to scroll way across right, to get to the 'go' button? Michael reduced-size printscreen:
  2. Michael Frankis

    Gull pic off the web

    This gull is posted on an open-access (copyright-free) site, identified as a California Gull, which it pretty obviously isn't. I reckon it is either Western Gull, or Yellow-footed Gull; subadult. But which? What do others think? Michael
  3. Michael Frankis

    Ebro Delta saved!

    Just heard on the news - the new Spanish govt. has officially announced it is abandoning the madcap Ebro water diversion scheme that the old govt. had been planning Excellent news! :D Michael
  4. Michael Frankis

    Anyone seen the Venus transit?

    Cloudy here :-C But it is supposed to clear up before the transit finishes in about four hours from now (08.16 GMT) Michael
  5. Michael Frankis

    Why are Britain's farmland bird vanishing??

    Is it any surprise ?!? . . . . Nature's Way My A*** . . . http://www.natureswayfoods.co.uk/images/field.jpg http://www.natureswayfoods.co.uk/images/irrigation.jpg http://www.natureswayfoods.co.uk/images/fieldd2.jpg and down on the farm . . . ...
  6. Michael Frankis

    Both-spotted Bluethroat

    Interesting Bluethroat in Whitley Bay today - Red-spot, or White-spot, or both/hybrid?? Date and site would strongly suggest Red-spot, but here's what the throat looked like . . . Anyone else ever seen anything like this? Michael
  7. Michael Frankis

    Devon trip

    I'll be down in Devon for a few days from tomorrow, Exeter area - anyone who wants to meet for some birding, drop me a PM tonight for contact details (sorry for the short notice, I'm being disorganised as usual!!) My targets: 1. Glossy Ibis (for lifer), 2. Cetti's Warbler, Dartford Warbler...
  8. Michael Frankis

    111348 Puffins and other birds . . .

    The 2003 Farne Islands report is just out! :D A full survey of the Puffin colony, the first for 10 years, revealed an unexpected 60% increase to 111,348 birds (55,674 pairs) o:) Some other totals Guillemot (Common Murre): 42,338 birds (up from 38,000 last year) Kittiwake: 5,192 pairs (up...
  9. Michael Frankis


    Someone up here without internet access has asked me to post this for him . . . Michael --------------------------------- I wonder if you could do me a favour and put out an appeal on Bird Forum for me if possible please. I am after information on birding in Estonia, particularly details...
  10. Michael Frankis

    Vinous-breasted Starling - what genus??

    Some list it as Sturnus burmannicus, others as Acridotheres burmannicus. Which is right? - judging by pics I've looked at, it looks more like a Sturnus than an Acridothere Michael
  11. Michael Frankis

    Merlin's dinner ID (slightly gruesome!)

    Hi all, Anyone care to offer an ident for this half-wing? Found on the saltmarsh at the Long Nanny (Northumberland coast) today 15/12/03, while watching the 5 Shore Larks there (hoping it isn't part of a 6th!!). Not definitely from a Merlin's dinner of course, but that sounds better than...
  12. Michael Frankis

    What happened next ??

    Found this amazing pic from a while back . . . http://www.birdforum.net/pp_gallery/showphoto.php?photo=2956 What happens if it starts displaying in a tree with sharp thorns? (o)< :eek!: Michael
  13. Michael Frankis

    Can anyone ident this gull?

    The photographer has been waiting several months with no answers . . . http://www.netfugl.dk/pictures.php?id=showpicture&picture_id=2214 Any replies, I can forward on to netfugl. Michael
  14. Michael Frankis

    LEAST exotic bird on your list

    OK, we've had the most exotic bird on your list - now of all the birds you've seen, particularly ones that ought to be special from being rare - which were the most underwhelming? I'll start the ball rolling with Double-crested Cormorant (the one I saw was the UK first ever), and Ring-billed...
  15. Michael Frankis

    Help save Bulgarian birds (petition)

    Hi all, The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds are asking for signatures to petition against the construction of a large windfarm right on a major migration route . . . please sign up everyone! http://bspb.org/site/final.php?type=firstpagenews&topic=34 Thanks, Michael
  16. Michael Frankis

    Swainson's Hawk & Cape Shoveler deleted from West Pal. list

    Just been reading, Swainson's Hawk and Cape Shoveler have been removed from the official West Palaearctic bird list. In all cases (single Swainson's Hawk records from Israel and Norway, and Cape Shoveler from Morocco), the records have been demoted to category D (unproven origin, likely to be...
  17. Michael Frankis

    Which Redpoll?

    Nightbird's pic in the gallery: http://www.birdforum.net/pp_gallery/showphoto.php?photo=13959 Not sure if this is Common Redpoll, or Hoary (Arctic) Redpoll. Anyone any thoughts? Unfortunately the undertail coverts are not visible! Michael
  18. Michael Frankis

    Loggerhead or Northern?

    Anyone any additional thoughts on the identity of this Shrike pic Paulyoly posted a while back? http://www.birdforum.net/pp_gallery/showphoto.php?photo=5429 Michael
  19. Michael Frankis

    Yellow-throated Vireo at Portland ?!?!!

    Check out the top photo at Surfbirds UK Scarce Birds page: http://www.surfbirds.com/cgi-bin/gallery/display.cgi?gallery=gallery12 The one (currently) labelled 'Golden Oriole' !!! Michael
  20. Michael Frankis

    Med Gull?? - I don't think so!

    Was browsing around over the weekend while BF was closed, and found this pic claimed to be a Mediterranean Gull: http://members.lycos.co.uk/jameseaton/hpbimg/med,norfolk0397.jpg To see its caption scroll about ¾ of the way down this page...
  21. Michael Frankis

    Latin name of Red-crested Pochard ???

    All European & major international texts all give the Latin name of the Red-crested Pochard as Netta rufina. But Sumit mentioned that in Indian texts it is given as Rhodonessa rufina; some others (notably the Oriental Bird Club checklist, and the MacKinnon & Phillipps China Field Guide) also...
  22. Michael Frankis

    The Put them in order Quiz II

    In this quiz you have to arrange the items, both letters and numbers, into their correct order. I've tried to use species familiar to both American & European/Asian readers, but UK/European rules apply! A. 1 Little Stint 2 Ruff 3 Dunlin 4 White-rumped Sandpiper B. 1 Common (Red) Crossbill 2...
  23. Michael Frankis

    Go seawatching!

    Good looking conditions for UK east coast seawatching tomorrow (Saturday) and early on Sunday! Hoping for Leach's Petrel & Sabine's Gull myself Michael
  24. Michael Frankis

    Intelligence test (can you outdo a Nutcracker?)

    Take 100,000 pine nuts. Divide them into 10,000 piles of 10 nuts. Hide each pile of 10 nuts in 10,000 different places, scattered over an area of 900 square miles. When you hide each pile, memorise the location by glancing at the positions of nearby boulders, trees, etc. Drawing maps is not...
  25. Michael Frankis

    Fatbirder website

    Can't access this any more! Anyone esle finding the same? Anyone know if there's something wrong with it? http://www.fatbirder.com/ Michael