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    D500 and...

    I ended up switching back and forth until I settled on something completely different! I went with the Sony RX10 MkIV and haven't been disappointed. It is a stunningly good camera for what you pay. DSLR capability but not quite DSLR quality, but I am really happy. BIF shots come out really...
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    Suppression vs reporting; birders’ obligations during lockdown.

    Once again John, you have assumed that a comment is directed at you. I am not sure why you are so sensitive to this... The home restrictions and 5 mile or km radius has been widely claimed on Twitter by many, many people. When the PM cycled 7 miles from home, it caused a debate about the...
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    Suppression vs reporting; birders’ obligations during lockdown.

    Some people will put everything out, some will suppress everything and most just apply some common sense as to the exact circumstances etc. I wonder whether those who have inclined towards suppression have found Covid a convenient cover to move closer to that end of the spectrum? It does feel...
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    Do they make a superzoom with a larger sensor?

    I have the RX10iv. It has f4 through to 600mm and can go to f2.4 at shorter focal lengths. It has lightening fast autofocus but is still a bridge camera. I was torn between this and a good DSLR set up. What swayed me was that I am a birder who wants to take some nice photos and so the...
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    Not asking for an ID NEast London.

    Is this thread basically an attempt to ask whether the bird is a Goshawk without actually asking that question for fear of getting it wrong? We could do with less pride in birding and if you are not sure, then ask directly rather than dressing it up in some weird ‘not asking for ID’ way... I...
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    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    Right, having now got some time with this camera I have started exploring deeper menus using the excellent user guide by Alexander S. White (highly recommended). What I have done is set MR1 for BIF (Aperture Priority/Cont Shooting fast/Wide Focus area/ISO auto but with limits/ISO Min SS at...
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    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    I have got my setting sorted (I think) for BIF and static birds as per a link to these two set ups earlier in this threat. MR1 = BIF and MR2 = Static. I use the Fn button to switch between the two (takes about 5 seconds in total). However, I keep forgetting to change the AF button from C to S...
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    February Moths 2021

    20/2: Beautiful Plume (2) Chestnut (2) Common Quaker (1) 21/2: Small Brindled Beauty (1) A. alstromeriana (1) Oak Nycteoline (1) 22/2: Beautiful Plume (1) T. alternella (1) I wonder if this was Dan's window' moth from post #22? Chestnut (1) All from town centre garden in North Kent (Medway)...
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    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    This has been a most informative thread, to the point that I have just purchased a Sony RX10 iv. 7-14 days wait due to Covid. I had spent the last two months deliberating about which DSLR to buy and then which lens and had pretty much settled on the Nikon D500 with the Tamron 150-600mm G2 and...
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    D500 and...

    Hi all, I will shortly be in a position to spend about £2000 on a new camera set up. For the last 5/6 years I have been using a bridge camera to just grab record shots, but have been planning to move up to a DSLR whenever the money became available. The only purpose for buying the camera is for...
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    Gull ID - January 2020, Reculver, Kent, UK

    And here are the results... http://www.ntgg.org.uk/cgi-bin/map.cgi?p=recmap&t=r&r=GV47785
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    Gull ID - January 2020, Reculver, Kent, UK

    Ta, found the scheme and it was Rainham/Pitsea anyway. Email sent.
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    Gull ID - January 2020, Reculver, Kent, UK

    Thanks. The code is G0ZT but the 0 could be a O. The last letter is not Z though which rules out this scheme I think. It was the very pale mantle that drew my attention.
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    Gull ID - January 2020, Reculver, Kent, UK

    Hi all, Kind of assumed this was a Herring Gull at the time (back on 19/01/2020) on the North Kent coast at Reculver. I have been through the CR Birding website for the colour ring, but cannot find a match. Looks to be 'G0ZT'. Anyway, this got me looking more closely at the bird which is...
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    Corona virus threat to birding

    Garden list from today: Jackdaw - 11 Carrion Crow - 4 Magpie - 3 Jay - 1 = Covids-19
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    Predation on swifts/hirundines?

    I saw a Sparrowhawk take a Swift in Dorset in the 90s some time.
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    Siskins and Redpolls appealingly absent this Winter?

    Although only 22 days of data for this year, BTO's Birdtrack is showing a distinct drop in reporting rates of Redpoll and Siskin...
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    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2020 edition)

    From Isle of Sheppey, Kent yesterday, I can add: White-fronted Goose Tundra Bean Goose Cheers, Andy M
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    How's your 2019 gone?

    Not very exciting on the home front this year, just two new birds for my Kent list. But a trip to Zimbabwe in April was amazing. I picked up most of the Eastern Highland endemics, and the mammals were pretty good too - especially for April!
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    Maidstone, Kent, England, 5th Nov 2019

    Tony, roughly where are you in Maidstone?
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    Zimbabwe - April 2019

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    Zimbabwe - April 2019

    Bump. 59 views and no comments...
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    Zimbabwe - April 2019

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    Zimbabwe - April 2019

    Hwange NP, Zim. Confirmation that this is Bradfield's Hornbill please? Thanks.
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    Zimbabwe - April 2019

    Hi all, Just reviewing the photos I took in Zimbabwe in April 2019, I found this picture of a Weaver sp. It was taken between Harare and Mutare and seems to be a Village Weaver (black on the top of the head and wing bars...). Grateful for confirmation because if it is, then it was the only...