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  1. Sagittarius

    Kowa 883 vs Swaro ATS80HD

    sur-akk, you made the right choice going with the Kowa. Nothing matches the Fluorite lens quality of the Big Kowa. Nothing!
  2. Sagittarius

    Zeiss 10x54 HT impressions today

    Sure wish Zeiss would build a 15x54 HT. :cool:
  3. Sagittarius

    Thoughts ? on Binocular Colors

    The main reason that you wouldn't want an orange or red binocular for birding is birds can see in color as we do and probably better. I hunt wild turkey and they can see colors at incredible distances. I would not mind an orange binocular for hunting but wouldn't have much success with it...
  4. Sagittarius

    Glass types in NL Pure-series

    John, Thanks for the link on Swarovski. That's the most interesting info on Swarovski I've ever read. (y) I added it to my favorites bar. :cool: Thanks again!
  5. Sagittarius

    Glass types in NL Pure-series

    I assume the NL Pure has Schott glass but have never read that it does. Does anyone know for sure?
  6. Sagittarius

    Leica is not getting the attention it deserves

    A very wise and thought-out reply, Lee. ;)
  7. Sagittarius

    Zeiss Binocular Design: A Personal Overview Part 2

    Enjoyed this topic, Lee. 👍 Thanks.
  8. Sagittarius

    Review: Zeiss Victory SF 10x32, Sightings Update No 1

    Thanks for the report on the SF 10x32, Lee. I would love to own a pair. 😎
  9. Sagittarius

    New Kowa products 2021?

    If Kowa releases a 95mm Spotter with Fluorite lens, I will be getting one. (y):cool:
  10. Sagittarius

    NL 10X42 vs NL12X42. What would you choose?

    I would have to go NL 12x42 since I have HT 10x42 already and will never sell them.
  11. Sagittarius

    NL Pure 'problems'.

    This thread has cautioned me about buying a pair of NL 12X42s. Was thinking about getting the NL or another Mako fly reel. Might have to go with the Mako.
  12. Sagittarius

    Is it really worth buying an NL 8x42?

    Guys, an obsolete binocular is unacceptable. You know the remedy; do something about it. :) It's only money and you're a long time dead in the end.
  13. Sagittarius

    Is it really worth buying an NL 8x42?

    I looked at a 10x42 NL at Cabelas and thought they were fantastic. I noticed the huge FOV and clarity right away. I will probably get the 12x42 NL since I have the 10x42 HT. Don't really need the NL since my HTs are just fine but can't stand not owning the latest and greatest. I never once...
  14. Sagittarius

    Interview with Zeiss Senior Optical Scientist

    Another great interview, Lee. Yours are the best, thanks. :t:
  15. Sagittarius

    The Inspiration for NL's Shape

    I have a pair of the Swarovski SL seen in post #3. I bought them in 1989 and loved them despite their heavyweight construction and terrible focus wheel. To me, they're by far the best-looking and rugged porros ever made. I gave them to my cousin several years ago but he despised their weight...
  16. Sagittarius

    I bought EL 12x50 for $2149.95 New!

    I would rather have the 12x42 NL by far. In the future, its advantges will be realized and appreciated; the extra price will be long forgotten.
  17. Sagittarius

    ATX/STX rumor

    According to everything I've read and heard over the years, the Fluorite lens Kowa produces is superior to any ED Fluoride glass used by the Big 3. In most reviews, the Big Kowa 88mm Fluorite lens almost always beats the others when compared with them. That is the main reason I would want a...
  18. Sagittarius

    ATX/STX rumor

    Looks like Swarovski is trying to push everyone else back with the NL Pure binoculars and now this huge 115mm spotter. Would love to own both but wish Kowa would bring out their own 115mm or larger spotting scope with Fluorite lens. :t:
  19. Sagittarius

    In your opinion, the best looking binoculars are....

    I always thought Leica made the best looking binoculars and can't believe I've never owned a pair. I thought the Swarovski SL was the best looking porros ever made and have an old pair I leave in my trunk for trips to the gun range. But roof prism look much better than porros to me. I like the...
  20. Sagittarius

    New Product Introduction Today From Swarovski ?

    Chosun, I agree with Lee and think the SF 42 has been around long enough. Wider FOV means a lot to most hunters, some birders, and Dennis. |;| Zeiss needs to address the NL, jmo.
  21. Sagittarius

    New Product Introduction Today From Swarovski ?

    I like how you think, Quincy! :t:
  22. Sagittarius

    New Product Introduction Today From Swarovski ?

    Thanks, Jan. All I knew at the time is what I read on some of the forums and saw on YouTube videos stating Zeiss owned and controlled Schott glass. I assumed they were right but I know, "never assume anything"!
  23. Sagittarius

    New Product Introduction Today From Swarovski ?

    As you probably know, Zeiss owns Schott so they get to use any new style glass Schott brings out first. They did exactly that with the HT glass back in 2013 and kept it for themselves at first. There were a number of sources on the net and videos on YouTube stating that fact. Around 2 to 3 years...
  24. Sagittarius

    New Product Introduction Today From Swarovski ?

    Thanks, Lee. I was seriously thinking about getting an NL Pure but I'm leaning toward a response from Zeiss. Besides, Zeiss does have priority on Schott glass vs everyone else so waiting to see what Zeiss brings out might be the best way to go. :t:
  25. Sagittarius

    New Product Introduction Today From Swarovski ?

    I wonder how long it will take Zeiss to respond to the NL Pure. :brains: What do you think, Lee ?