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  1. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Yellowlegs - Orangeville Ontario

    I believe this is a Lesser Yellowlegs. Also found about 30 young, new this year, in the same spot. Please confirm or deny. Thanks in advance.
  2. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Lake Ontario - Toronto

    I think a flycatcher but if so, not sure which one.
  3. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Swallows - Toronto, Lake Ontario

    Hi to all. I believe the first is a young Tree Swallow and he second are young Barn Swallows. Any correction or affirmation would be great. Thanks again for your input.
  4. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Sparrow of sorts ? Ontario

    Would appreciate help on this one. I think maybe a sparrow, but which one, or something other. Thanks for your help.
  5. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Sandhill Crane - Grand Valley, Ontario

    Believe these are Sandhill Crane. Spotted them in a farmers field north of Grand Valley, Ontario. I did not think these where seen this far East in Ontario. Comments welcome.
  6. Potatoheaded Bobby

    ID from Brampton

    Hi again everybody. I'm gonna take a stab at a flycatcher on this one. Help always appreciated.
  7. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Ontario, Canada - bird

    Hello all, Having trouble with this one. Your help appreciated. Thanks in advance
  8. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Ruby Crowned Kinglet - Brampton, Ontario

    Hi all. Is this a Ruby Crowned Kinglet minus the Ruby crown? Your help is appreciated.
  9. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Ontario Tern

    Not sure if I post this here. Saw it this morning diving into 'Professor's Lake' in Brampton. I believe it to be a 'Caspian Tern'. Comments on id appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Eastern Kingbird? Ontario, Canada

    Hi all, Closest I can determine that this is an Eastern Kingbird. Comments welcome. Thanks in advance.
  11. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Lake Ontario, Toronto

    Hi again, Just can't quite figure this one out. You help is needed. Thanks.
  12. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Scoter - Lake Ontario, Toronto

    I was pleasantly surprised to find this one on the lake yesterday. I believe it is a White Winged Scoter, female. Comments welcome and helpful. Thanks in advance
  13. Potatoheaded Bobby

    From Toronto, Lake Ontario

    Hi all, I think this is a female Greater Scaup? Your help appreciated. Thanks
  14. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Grebe - Professor's Lake, Brampton, Ontario

    I think from the colour and the length of the beak, this is a Red-Necked. Taken late afternoon on overcast day. The colour and lighting on photo not the greatest. Help would be great. Thanks
  15. Potatoheaded Bobby

    gull - Ontario

    I would like to confirm if this is a Herring gull. Help is appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Help with Duck - Ontario

    Would like an Id. I'm leaning towards Black duck. Your help appreciated.
  17. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Ontario Gull ............

    Was hoping to get an id. Thinking maybe Herring Gull. Your help is appreciated. Thank you
  18. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Hawk from Ontario

    Would like id please. Was thinking maybe Broad winged or Red Tail. Your help appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Professor's Lake , Ontario

    Always seems to be crapy out when something new hits the water. Found these on Professor's Lake, Brampton this afternoon. The photos are not B/W. Just a really grey day here today. Your help is again needed as I have no idea. I think though a male and female. Thanks in advance.
  20. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Help Please - Ontario

    Not quite sure what I am looking at here. Showed up a few days ago at Professor's Lake in Brampton, Ontario. Maybe a Loon or Grebe? Only picture I have. An id would be appreciated. Crapy picture... sorry Thanks Detlef
  21. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Grebe - Brampton , Ontario

    Been a couple of miserable dreary days. This morning I spotted this grebe on the lake. My thoughts either a 'Horned' or an 'Eared' (Black necked). Either one is on the far end of it's range here in Ontario. Your thoughts are welcome. Hope there is sufficient detail for an Id. Thanks Detlef
  22. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Hawk ID - Toronto

    Was hoping to get an ID for this one. Your help appreciated. Tahnks.
  23. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Id from Brampton, Ontario

    Please excuse the crap lighting. I believe this is a Northern Mockingbird. At least thats all I could find that was close. The brownish colour on the breast I believe could be being picked up by the surroundings. When it flew it showed white feathers on the wing and tail. Your helps will be...
  24. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Yellowlegs - Rockwood Ont.

    I think this is another Greater Yellowlegs. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks in advance.
  25. Potatoheaded Bobby

    Merganser - Lake Ontario

    Was thinking this would be a female Red-breasted? Comments helpful and appreciated. Taken at Humber Bay Park in Toronto. Thank you in advance